Do You Dream About Wolves?

Heya readers! While reading all of your comments I noticed that quite a few of you mentioned that you regularly had dreams about wolves. It got me thinking, what does it mean to have a wolf visit your dreams? So I grabbed a couple dream dictionaries and looked wolves up and other werewolf related words. Here’s what I got:

Wolf: According to the dream books, dreaming of any animal signifies your “natural” feelings. Dreaming of an angry animal may mean that you are repressing your own anger. If you dream of a carefree animal you are probably wishing for more freedom and a chance to explore. Non-aggressive animals represent your feelings of trust and contentment and a playful animal in your dreams usually signify feelings of joy.

As for actual wolves in your dream, well, they are usually a bad omen. If you dream of hunting one then danger is right around the corner. See yourself chased by one and it is a sign you are over-anxious about something. But if you kill one, then you may have one small success up ahead.

But, since everyone interprets dreams differently and the meaning of a dream depends on the person and what‘s going on in their life, the definition above may not be true for everyone. In another book, wolves represent beauty, power, a bit of mystery and your need for solitude.

Werewolves: Unfortunately there was no definition for werewolves in any of my books, but a few dream websites have their own definition. According to, “To see a werewolf in your dream indicates that something in your life is not what it seems. It is symbolic of fear, repressed anger, and uncontrollable violence. To dream that you are a werewolf, suggests that some aspects of your personality are hurtful and even dangerous to your own well-being. You are headed down an undesirable path. Alternatively, it refers to your repressed instincts.”

Moon: If you dream of the moon often it may mean that you will enjoy a burst of inspiration and creativity. A full moon usually signifies completion.

If you are hunting in your dream and succeed in the hunt then you will soon sort out your problems. But if you fail and your prey gets away it means that you will continue coping with your problems.

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  1. I had a dream of many wolves but I was the wolf me and my sister Chloe but I was looking to find a way to keep us as wolves though she didn’t want to be one she gave me her powers and I wasn’t some hairy beast I was a tall brown wolf and she was black and it was like she was dieing but wanted to fight me I was trying protect someone and she wasn’t hurting them that was the feeling that she wanted me to get away from them well then I woke up after winning

    1. Sounds like a memory of a past life. I get those sometimes too, and yes you’re probably a werewolf in this life too. I was a faery-angel hybrid in past lives (long story involving me, the degenerative family curse that almost killed me in utero, and some soul-melding) and I still have the powers. Yeah…faery, angel, human, AND werewolf. Add some demon blood in there (which I do have) and I’m supernatural six ways from Sunday.

  2. I had a dream it was a boy he was alpha well next in line .He changed in to a big wolf and today i had a dream of just a wolf staring at me

  3. my experience with the Wolf, was i was being followed. six eyes that glowed red, told me that they were 3 strong. scared i was at first. i tossed a rock and gave a yell ” get on out of here” . they gave a little but they were not leaving. so i was. though they were not aggressive , they followed me unil i was back on the road. they remained in the forest. my final thoughts on this encounter, was they were there to escort me and for my protection. any other similiar ecounters out there , not a dream

  4. Sometimes I get very realistic dreams of running in wolf form, sometimes not. Sometimes I don’t remember…being in wolf form, my adrenaline gets really amped up and I don’t always remember what happened afterward.

    1. my dream was during a black out. I was looking outside through the window and saw werewolves climbing on top on houses. There were more than 3 one per house. when they reached the top the all began howling. next thing I know I am outside in the front yard their are teenagers running around and screaming something. I forgot what they were saying. then I was in the back yard of my house. I was with others, but it seemed I was following them. I turned around and their were others. next thing I know I lowered my head and began to growl, then my eyes changed I didn’t see them change but I felt it. They became red. the people who are standing in front of me changed into wolves. their leader was a girl and she had red eyes as well……then I woke up. can any body help me figure out what my dream is telling me.. Please

  5. My dream was about a black out. I was looking out my window and werewolves were climbing on top of houses and started howling… They then started coming in through the front door. Next thing i relized i was in my back yard and people were with me. I turned around and their were people walking up towards us. so i lowered my head and started growling my eyes also turned red like an alpha. Next thing i knew the other group had an alpha as well. They transformed when i flashed my eyes. what could this mean?

  6. I usually dream about me either turning into a werewolf or getting bit by one and when i turn im a black wolf and i start howling and show my teeth.I’m just trying to figure out what it means

  7. sometimes i dream i was running in wolf form silver fur, red eyes and sharp claws and howling to the moon and i wasn’t alone another wolf was howling somewhere and woke up after howling to the moon

  8. i had another dream this time i was in my wolf form running to the mountains howling to the moon then one girl teenager was behind me,i turned around she retreat a few steps after that she approach me and she was moving slowly as if i was about to attack, so i lie down at the exact same place an waited, then after 20 minutes later she touch my nose and pat my head and my body,(not to mention it has a nice feeling, man i couldn’t get rid of this feeling) , 30 mins later she stood up and walk towards the mountain tip and scream and at the same time cry like not a care in the world and at the same time i howled to the moon after this dream, i repeatly have the same dream over and over again with the same teenager girl it was a dream of a lifetime, but does that mean i will meet this girl in the future?????????

  9. I had a dream where i was in the mountains it had snow on the ground and i was out there with a pack of wolves but i felt like i knew them we were running and playing with each other and where we went running there was chicken coupes then in the middle of running it felt like we were going after another wolf and before the dream ended the wolves were killing another wolf while i watched and in the middle of running with them i felt like i was an actual wolf mabye gray
    Well if anyone knows why i had this dream and what it means please tell me

  10. I had a dream I was at my house but was lonely so I went to the woods. There was this white wolf and we played I wasn’t a wolf just me and he or she was my friend. I can’t remember the rest but I’m pretty sure people were trying to hurt him/her.

  11. why do people always think wolves are so bad? all animals and people have bad sides in them and infact people are even worse than animals they use drugs and drink shit that they shouldn’t.

    i too have had many dreams before but in all of the dreams i am also a wolf. we protect each other we also hunt and attack many other animals. all these wolves are friendly to me but not to other animals or people. i write stories about what i see and do as a all these dreams i am the only original colored wolf there the rest are white or brown or mix colored or pitch black. in these dreams i am the pack leader and every where i go they follow me. if some one would like to know more about my dreams or the stories i tell just reply your email address. if some one can help with the dreams i get please just say. all of the above things that were said about what these dreams mean i find all of those in one dream each night. so i don’t know what it means. if some one can help please do.

  12. dear people on this web I noticed that a few of you said ‘ what does this mean’ and that im saying that only you know none of us on the web know if this really happening but maybe it is. what i’m saying is you can only find out……

  13. I had a dream once about a playful black wolf in my backyard. It was a normal wolf, and I knew it was a wolf in my dream, but it seemed harmless and almost dog-like. My neighbor, for some reason, had a gun and was going to shoot the wolf, but I got between them and the wolf escaped. I have heard that black animals often are the form demons take, and due to situations in my life, it made me concerned that it could be a warning that I was defending one of my demons (sins) from my family (my neighbor is close to me), who was trying to help, despite the fact that the sin seemed harmless to me.

  14. I rarely have any dreams on wolves or what is related to them. I really would love to had dreams regardless of anything with wolves (either being, or around them, and no, not killing) But much likely it seems that my nightly imagination wanders into the world of reality than fiction. Is there anyways of me to get my dreams to set upon wolves or however? I do know about the lucid dreaming factor, but I’m just not quite fully commited into it.

  15. I had a dream of a werewolf last week it ate my cat then took me up stairs to where my sister sleeps and left I woke up so convinced that the dream was real, I could prove it because it ate my cat. Then yesterday, I had another dream where I was talking to someone about the werewolf dream how it felt so real I woke up in another dream where the werewolf was looking dead at me at the bottom of my bed, this dream also felt sooo realistic, what could it mean??

  16. Well mine was at a persons home and they had a pool we went swimming. Then the moon came out. Allof a sudden he bites me but it hurt once I woke up . I’ve also have been dreaming about random strangers.

  17. Careful what you ask for, my dream was i was watching 2 beasts werewolves one brown one black attacking each other for a while. Roaring biting & slashing each other….. When all the sudden they noticed me and turned on me…. I remeber nothing but relentless fear. I hoped i was dreaming but could not wake up. I felt one nasty bite and the toss of my own body. Eventually i did wake up…..sweating & still in fear.

  18. Ever since middle school I have had many dreams involving wolves and werewolves hell my spirit animal is a wolf still trying to figure out what it all means in one dream me and my fiancé were the alpha pair of a werewolf pack and that was after we met and he had a dream where he was a wolf fighting to protect me

  19. I had a dream that a werewolf was trying to kill me and that I was praying for him to help and I got a answer from God telling me to let him kill me and then I woke up

  20. I had a dream I was at a building and I read a spell accidentally and it turned the wolves into werewolves they were circuling me and my family I had my sisters 22 cricket and then this girl I’ve seen in my dream before came up and almost kissed me with ruby red lips and then she left I killed a wolf and I tried to make a counter spell and I woke up

  21. I keep dreaming about people in my family turning into werewolves than hunting me down trying to kill me. I keep having the same dream over and over but the family member keeps changing. Like first was my son than my brother and so on. What could this mean?

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