Do You Dream About Wolves?

Heya readers! While reading all of your comments I noticed that quite a few of you mentioned that you regularly had dreams about wolves. It got me thinking, what does it mean to have a wolf visit your dreams? So I grabbed a couple dream dictionaries and looked wolves up and other werewolf related words. Here’s what I got:

Wolf: According to the dream books, dreaming of any animal signifies your “natural” feelings. Dreaming of an angry animal may mean that you are repressing your own anger. If you dream of a carefree animal you are probably wishing for more freedom and a chance to explore. Non-aggressive animals represent your feelings of trust and contentment and a playful animal in your dreams usually signify feelings of joy.

As for actual wolves in your dream, well, they are usually a bad omen. If you dream of hunting one then danger is right around the corner. See yourself chased by one and it is a sign you are over-anxious about something. But if you kill one, then you may have one small success up ahead.

But, since everyone interprets dreams differently and the meaning of a dream depends on the person and what‘s going on in their life, the definition above may not be true for everyone. In another book, wolves represent beauty, power, a bit of mystery and your need for solitude.

Werewolves: Unfortunately there was no definition for werewolves in any of my books, but a few dream websites have their own definition. According to, “To see a werewolf in your dream indicates that something in your life is not what it seems. It is symbolic of fear, repressed anger, and uncontrollable violence. To dream that you are a werewolf, suggests that some aspects of your personality are hurtful and even dangerous to your own well-being. You are headed down an undesirable path. Alternatively, it refers to your repressed instincts.”

Moon: If you dream of the moon often it may mean that you will enjoy a burst of inspiration and creativity. A full moon usually signifies completion.

If you are hunting in your dream and succeed in the hunt then you will soon sort out your problems. But if you fail and your prey gets away it means that you will continue coping with your problems.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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  1. I once had a dream that I was just me and I was walking down the avenue when a huge white wolf came bounding outta the trees behind my yard. It was so cool– it looked like it was glowing in the moonlight. Then the wolf turned to me and whined. I followed it into like a place with a lake like a swamp and when I looked at my reflection in the water I was a white wolf as well. Can anyone tell me what it means?

    1. well my dreams always mean some thing but i do not like to talk about it . i have been told i have a good gift so like to talk to some one about it .

  2. I had a weird drean once where I changed into a wolf at school, a slow and painful transformation – it scared me, because i’m an outsider at the best of times but everyone started screaming.
    I hope it isn’t an omen, because I have several ‘werewolf traits’ and I don’t want to be one…and at school it would NOT be good.

  3. Thank u! i’ve been having tha same dream over and over again about werewolves, and i’ve become like obbessed with them ever since i started having dreams about them. Its kinda scary cause they’re all i think about now.

  4. What if the Wolf helps you in the dream? Like saves your life.. and then another I had was where I fell in love with a “Werewolf”?

  5. ive had some dreams about werewolves…quite a few turned out 2 b like Essence`s dream…i was in love with a werewolf…other dreams ill c my bf change into a brown wolf…or ill turn into a silver/white furred wolf…or i just start out as a silver/white wolf in my dream…then go bk 2 bein human…what exactly does all that mean?

  6. In my dreams the wolves save me. I was walking down a forest path a large cougar with red eyes jumped in front of me. It leaps at me. Than tow wolves attacked it. One was black the other whit. After the cougar left they looked at me I bilked. They were gone. I looked down to see gold fur covered paws, after I wake up.

    1. Hi Mid summers night dream…. Last night I had a similar dream. I was on rock ledge in a forest and an orange tiger was leaping for me a black wolf grabbed me and saved me from the tiger. later it seems like the wolf turned into a man…

      I’m curious to learn if you’ve found any significance in your life from your dream???

  7. I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I’m being chased down the hall at my home by a white wolf. What does that mean??

  8. I hade a similar dream last month.
    To see a white wolf in your dream signifies valor and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours
    To see a hallway in your dream, symbolizes self exploration. It is the beginning of the path that you are taking in life. You are going through a transitional phase and journeying into the unknown. It also signals spiritual enlightenment, emotional growth physical prowess, new opportunities and mental passages in your life.
    Look at the colors in you dream they mean something as well.

    1. I curious to know, should I call you dream, what does it mean when you can almost feel the grass underneath your paws, the wind in your fur. I feel this way anytime i go outside. Plus I feel the pull to the moon. help?
      ~ Jay,also you can call me Joniya, Jay, or Fire although I prefer Fire cause that’s waht my friends call me.

  9. Hey everyone. I am a wolf. I am a black she-wolf. My name is Dream and i am a real wolf. Or wat u call werewolves. Dont think all of our kind is hellish some of us are caring a sweet. I am not evil all.

  10. Hi. I had a dream, not that long ago, and I was in my old house. I was watching a white wolf that seems like it was made of moonlight In my room and I was curled up on my bed and the wolf watched me back. I hopped off my bed and I run to where the living room is and while I was running I kept looking through windows to make sure the wolf was still there. I soon came upon the wolf and I see a couple of people out o the corner of my eye watching the wolf. I move soo slowly to the giant window where the wolf was sittting at and I crouched down low so I was face to face with the white wolf. I can’t remember if the wolf had red eyes like rubies or my eyes, they’re brown. I then walked back slowly and I grabbed my brothers camera. I moved back to the wolf slowly and I took a picture. The wolf ran off to the left and when I looked down at the camera the picture was just my backyard with no wolf. It’s really creepy because I can’t remember my dreams very well, but this dream was like I just had the expirience.

  11. i keep having this dream about me walking in a complex the someone with some kind of wepon chases me the i turned into a werewolf and started running and as i was running this person was in front of me so i grabbed her in my teeth so she would not get hurt,theen all of a sudden i saw werewolves on one side and vampires on anotherthey were inside a fortress-like wall thing they selected one form each group and they had to climb a wall as a treaty or something but then the vampires attacked the werewolves and the a war broke out then saddly i woke up

  12. i keep on having the same dream, i’m sitting in a strange room. the doors are locked and im alone, the door is bolted from the outside, and the door was made of steal. But when i tried to open it, it just swung of the hinges and fell at me feet. didn’t understand why or how. but i didn’t care, because i needed to get out, to be free. I got outside, and it was twilight time, the sun was about o set. all around me were these thick woods. i walked into the woods, somehow knowing where to go. when i made it it was just past nightfall, and there was a dim amount of moonlight shimmering through the oak trees. Then i heard faint rustling sounds, and howling from far away. it got louder and louder. then an army of white wolves came fro one side of the clearing, and an army of midnight black wolves came from the other side. both sides where calling to me, asking me to choose my side. i fell to the ground trembling in pain. as two large midnight wings that matched the colour of the dark wolves coat, sprouted from my back, and reached to the sky. the last thing i could remember was the dark wolves howling in union, announcing there victory…… i have no idea what it could mean… but the pain felt so real.

  13. I had this dream twice in one week and I don’t know what it means. Can you help me? I feel like it’s so real. (In my dream)I’m sleeping in my room and it’s like right before I even see it it’s like I sense that it’s there. Before I even look at it I can hear light breathing. When I do look at it it’s looking at me from the corner of it’s eye and slowly walking like slow motion type of walking. But it’s not like it wants to hurt me. But you know it’s still kind of scary. The first dream i had of the wolf it was walking out the back of my little dresser, but in my dream my dresser was in the middle of a wall that’s between my room closet door and the back door to leave the house, but I NEVER use that door. The second dream I had after I had used the bathroom I had left my room door open (and I sleep with it closed) but it was the afternoon around noon already. so the second dream happend today and this time the wolf came into my room through the door. I don’t know what to think.

    1. ok so i had this dream that one night me and 3 friends went into the woods but then there were chased by a girl and she came back in bite me later on i saw myself change into a brovo werewolf.then i was chased by vampiers or hunters then i jumped out the window and woke up 2 in the morning and went back to sleep and it countinued. what does that mean

  14. i keep having a dream about werewolves and vampires. i get lost in the woods and then im surrounded by vampires. then i herd a howl . then the vampires were running and i look around and the werewolves all around one went behind a tree and turn into sam uley and came back onley when he said to stop screaming did i realize i was sreamingand when i woke up this morning i was in the woods. wat does that mean?

  15. I had a odd dream before of wolves…I was turned into a a wolf and and run with the pack into the deep forest..I had another dream (same dream) that I got lost and then I met this creepy pretty looking witch…Tha-thats all I can remeber….

  16. i was freaked out last night. i was laying on the couch in the dark about to fall asleep. i was facing my couch with my back toward the table where i couldnt see anything. just as i go to fall asleep i hear this aweful growl the sounded like it was righ near my ear. i freaked out and turned to where my back is up against the back of the couch. it was soooo loud. i whistled for my dog to see if it was her and she was down the hall where the stairs was so it wasnt her and shes just a little puppy about the size of a taco bell dog. it sounded like a wolves growl or a werewolves growl. i love wolves and dont believe in werewolves but last night makes me think twice about things cause lately my dreams have been about wolves or werewolves and vampires. i keep seeing a face i dont even know. anyone know how to help me understand this?

  17. I had two dreams that i was a wolf. The first one in my first dream I change into a wolf and I was running after this guy and I guess I got him in a room then I told him if he ever did that again ill kill him. The second dream i was running down my street, jumping on cars. So what does it mean when i change into a wolf??

  18. i had a dream of were wolf and it bit my neck and i wake up to that specific area being hurt!? what does that mean? please reply

  19. i had a dream that i was sleeping on my bed and then i truned into a werewolf and i woke up and other dreams i have had like that was the same kind of.

    1. Maybe somebody has a crush on you and he is somthing else and if you think I sound like I’m 23 I’m only 9 I tried a spell to become a werewolf but I am to young because my mom is a witch and I have to wait till I’m 18 witch rules GO WEREWOLFS BOO VAMPIRES 8P


  21. To dream about wolves means he or she is your power animal. A wolf is a guardian and her message for you is… one look in my eyes and you can see the truth of who i am. she will teach you n she will learn off you… i love wolves she is my power animal

  22. well i have the funnest dream that i was a werewolf and i was running in the fields but the weird felling was i wasn’t afraid of anything and felt so free it was weird i can remember i was hunting a buck and killed it, and every time i go asleep it happens again and again but the last one i had recently the people in my family found out that i am a werewolf and they try ed to kill me. what does this mean?

  23. i had a dream that me and someone i really liked were driving through a forest. a wolf pack approached the car and was very friendly but one tried to attack my friend. i jumped out of the car and fought that wolf. the second the wolf made any mark on me the other wolves attacked and killed it. my friend looked at me differently, like i was a demon, when i got back in the car. can someone explain that?

  24. I had a dream last day,that I was a chased by a wolf, at last it caught me but left without touching me!!!!!!!

  25. I dreamed that my future husband/boyfriend is a werewolf and he keeping it a secret
    And he is very protected and loyal

  26. Ok so I just had a dream of where I was laying on the ground in a room but everything was white and all I could see was a white wolf. It looked very angrey at chaseing me and I stood in

  27. A corner and then it bit me I felt a horrible amount of pain and my skin was tingeling then I woke up so if anybody could tell me what that means thanks

  28. i had a dream that i heard wolves coming so i laid on the ground behind some burnt down trees and watched for them, when they came to me i was scared and they just looked at me and they walked away from me. i thought it was kinda cool dream

  29. I once had a dream where my grandpa, who had been dead a long time before i had the dream, was alive and in this hospital bed. It was a hospital room but it was in this house that was supposed to be our house but it looked nothing like our actual house, and my grandpa was a werewolf. He said that he would be dieing soon and he needed to pass on the spirit. Then, he had reached put and bit my shoulder. The dream was so real and when i woke up, my shoulder was stinging and it was all red. Help?

    1. Are you experiencing any symptoms like heightened senses, claustrophobia, enhanced strength and speed, or a need for more protein? Because if so, I would guess you’re part-werewolf

      Welcome to the pack ;)

  30. When I was little every night I had the same dream about sitting on the ground at night and looking up to see myself surrounded by black wolves with red eyes. I had it every night for 6 years. I finally got to a point where I rarely had them, once in a while they would come back though.

    When they did come back, it was that my parents were turning into them and trying to get me. I have not had a dream about werewolves in, maybe, 4 or 5 years.

    Recently I have been having problems with my husband and three nights in a row I have had dreams where the town I grew up on was infested with werewolves, but they weren’t trying to get me, once they got up next to me they’d just stop and stare. Then last night I had a dream where my parents turned into werewolves and to try and contain them they were in a cage with tons of food. Before my dad turned I asked if I could get money to get a hotel room so I wasn’t near them when they were werewolves and he freaked out on me.

    I know it’s all just stress and bottled up emotions, but I don’t get why it’s always werewolves. I love wolves, I think they’re amazing. But it’s weird that Every nightmare since I was little has been about them. Now all of a sudden, when they were chasing me and trying to get me, they instead just stare and watch like they respect me in a way. I don’t get it?

  31. Ever since I started loving wolves I have dreamed about them. It wasn’t where I was there and they were around me, but to where I shapeshifted into one. In any dream or nightmare of mine I have been able to protect myself and loved ones by transforming into the body of the wolf. It’s sorta like the Twilight Movies. Last Sunday, I spent the night with my friend. In my dream I was camping with my friend and awoke to the sound of howling, I got up and went my friend, she was sitting there watching a movie on her portable DVD player. I smacked her and said “C’mon!”. She said “Where to?”, and I finally said,”I heard a howling noise and wanted to see if it’s a wolf.” So we ran outside and found a wolf standing in the middle of a clearing.

    It looked calm, so we walked towards it. We were about 12 inches away when it started growling. We looked at it in fright then realized it was looking behind us. My friend and I turned around to see vampires. We turned back and tried to forget it and sit down, and as soon as we did the wolf ran towards the vampires, stopped and howled. Then we heard a strange noise at the edge of the clearing and saw a pack of angry wolves emerge from the bushes. The wolves charged towards the vampires, while me and my friend sat down in terror. We kept hearing the sound of yelps and whimpers. I was so sad and angry at the fact of my most loved animal was being hurt by blood sucking monsters, that I turned aound and looked at the big fight. Being filled with anger, I ran towards the vampires and suddenly transformed into a wolf and killed the blood suckers. I looked back at my friend realizing she had seen the whole thing. She was horrified. I stood there in wolf form as a silver grey wolf came towards me and licked my muzzle. Confused, I heard talking in my mind coming from many voices.

    The one that spoke more was one that belonged to the leader of that pack. It was a male wolf thanking me for saving its family so much that it started showing the subordinate pose of a least ranking wolf. That’s when I realized it was letting me be the new leader. I exepted the offer and turned back to human and walked up to my friend and I said, “I’m scared too, but you don’t need to be afraid of me, cause even though I’m like this I will always be your friend.

    After the camping was done I was once again at my regullar house which was near the forest. I slept thinking every thing that happened wasn’t real. So, that night I awoke again to the sound of howling. I quickly went outside and ran towards the noise, there I saw my new pack. Apparently, I wasn’t the only leader cause the silver grey wolf came and stood right next to me. The wolf was my mate. I ran with my pack all night that finally I awoke from my dream.

    I know you might think this isn’t my real dream, but I have a pretty good memory.
    So, you can choose to beleive me or not, but only I know that it is true. Just to say, I have had this same dream over and over, but I don’t know what it means. I will take anyones help to figure it out. So, please leave a reply.

    The I put shown is NOT my REAL name, but one of my many nick names.

      1. I believe you Kayla because I’ve had a couple dreams like that so don’t worry your not the whose had dreams like that

  32. Its in a dark forest thats painted black and white by the moonlight.. Im walking alone and I hear growls and I turned and a werewolf was jumping at me. Everynight ever since Dec. 24,2011 I have been having these nightmares. Everytime I have the nightmare its diffrent werewolves but from the same pack. One of the werewolves I remember is my ex boyfriend.. They were attacking me because me and my ex broke the treaty because we are in love… werewolves and vampires dont mix… When I wake up from these nightmares I am always out of breath and feels paralized.. If someone has a solution please tell me because these dreams are driving me insane and I want them to go away..

  33. I have been dreaming about an evil black wolf he always is waiting for me and I see myself running to get away but usally I will be tricked it will show the wolf in the back yard then I will see someone going towards him so I try to get them in the house if I open anything door,window,peekhole he gets in but I always wake up it scares me and I have had this dream multiple times what does it mean?

  34. i keep haveing the same dream over and over again and i dont no what it means. in my dream i change into a brown wolf and i run into a forest and then i stop becuase there is a pack of wolves there in the clearing. they all crowd me so im in the middle of them , then they just run of without any warning. when i sarted running again i froze when i saw was a black wolf ,which i thourght looked like the alpah of the pack i saw. the next thing i new i was on the ground with the black wolf growling at me , when i tried to get away he bit my arm. thats when i woke up , i had a bad stining pain in my arm where i got bit in my dream. i dont no what it means ive been haing this dream for the past week and its starting to scare me a bit .

  35. i have had two dreams that were about wolves. i am not a werewolf but a WOLF!(seriously!) in the first one i was at school and i was in the feild when i began to transform into a wolf. but when the transformation was almost over men came and shot me and i remeber lying in a pool of my own blood looking up….. then i died….
    then in my other one i was a wolf and stumbled upon a alien like creature. i out of an unknown desire pounced upon the creature going straight for the neck. i heard his throat crunch and he was dead. then a evil creature was trying to kill my sister. and i went for her wrist.(the creature.) and bit her.HARD. when blood began pooring down her arm she looked at me in shock and i woke up… I AM A WOLF IN REAL LIFE I ONCE HAD A CONVERSATION WITH A REAL WOLF AND WAS HOWLING WITH IT!!!

    1. well lots of people can run like that. It’s actually an excersize,but it’s really challenging(apparently) but i too to it right away….wierd..

  36. i can also run on all fours and run a crazy speed. and jump THREE foot jumps… i have been doing this since i was 2. i also read that a couple of guy said it not humanly possible that a person can run like this.. he is full of crap. he may believe that until he meets me!

  37. I just dreamt about going into a bathroom and had closed the door behind me, when a reddish wolf opened the door and walked in. The wolf saw me and I was trying to hide behind the door, but did not seem to want to attack me. I jumped over a bunch of cubicles that were closed and saw a bunch of other wolves outside waiting, they eventually left. This wolf remained and even though the others had left. There was an opening in the cubicle where I was but he didn’t seem to want to come in there . A bunch of people eventually came and he got aggressive when they tried to chase him away… I would like to know what this means, it was a really vivid dream, I haven’t dreamt like this in years. It was detailed with clear faces and it happend like @ 8 in the morning

  38. I had this dream that I was in school and got mad about something and i changed into a black wolf … when the people in school was running from me i saw that one person stayed only after a second they had changed into a wolf just like me … when we got out of the school there was a whole pack of wolves there in the parking lot.. what does it mean when you always dream about wolves but sometimes end up getitng hurt in the dream? would rearly like to no i had this dream about 3 times now

    1. i have had the same kinds of dreams for 6 years now but they start in away and each time i go to sleep they start form where they ended and continue like a story

  39. I keep having dreams that I turn into a white wolf with distinct red markings around the eyes,on the sides of my stomach and on my forehead. and I am usually fighting off demons,protecting the moon,my friends,and the natural world.I have them all written down in my dream journal. every time i read them,It feels like I’m reading a passage out of my diary…like..a memory? could this be a memory from my past life? don’t laugh,I just want might help if i also tell you that there was another wolf (a teacher) who had similar markings,and she called me “Amaterasu” witch by far is not my real name.nor any of my nicknames…help? these series of dreams just go on and on nearly every night,and they keep getting more realistic. just the other night,i got hurt in my dream and the scar was there (and bleeding) when i woke up! I’m scared. please help.

  40. 3/12/12 Werewolf Dream Entry

    I was a werewolf, the alpha of a pack numbering in the hundreds. I recall the strength amongst other sensations, including heightened sense of smell and hearing. I remember seeing my mate, the alpha female at my side. We approached a residential street which curved to the right as we approached a house where a party was taking place. There were so many of us; as countless leaped silently from rooftop to rooftop, others scurried through resident’s front yards. We stayed on the right side of the street where the target house was located and moved through the shadows unseen, unheard, undetected. We reached the house and I could already see my clan readying for the slaughter to come. They were positioned at every window, every door, and at every weak point upon the roof. They waited for my command.
    My mate watched me eagerly, waiting for me to give the order. I howled like I wish I could now, like a great wolf, though stronger, steadier, bolder, deeper. The hundreds surrounding me began clamoring into the house through any gap they could find and my mate was already gone by the time I looked her way again. I joined the slaughter moments after, plunging through a window. The first sight I beheld was the blood all the while I could hear the screams of men and women being torn apart. At the time it didn’t bother me and in fact was almost gratifying. I think back now and my stomach churns. I found a man in my claws and ripped him in two, as easily as one might tear apart a marshmallow, and threw his remains to opposite ends of the room. I repeated the process with another, then another, and another. I remember biting, clawing, gnashing and mauling everyone in my path while the other wolves around me did the same. I tore them to shreds in my arms; men and women alike. I held a man by the neck as I looked around me. Blood drenched the floor, the ceiling, and the walls and the remains of the dead were scattered in unintelligible heaps across the house. Three of my kin rushed down from a flight of stairs on holding a leg, all three which had fur dyed crimson with blood. So ends the first segment of my dream; I will spare you the rest of the gore, rape, blood, and horror of which there is much more. What could this possibly mean for me?

  41. i had a dream about my freind chloe being a werewolf and a guy who was one he liked her and wanted to ask her out and he was nice to me…. well its complicated its a long story short to be presice it was soo significante to me that i had to write it down and type and print it to not for get it. i dont know why but its special to me i need a little help and understanding of this? soooo help? help pllease hah? please im confused?

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