Do You Believe in Werewolves?

Do you believe in werewolves? It seems like a simple enough question, right? But it really isn’t so easy to answer. I know that everyone that comes here loves werewolves, you love watching them on the screen and love reading about them in books. But have you ever thought for a moment about whether they’re real or not? I have, and here are my thoughts on that big question…

As a child obsessed with horror, I once believed in all of the monsters – werewolves, vampires, ghosts, demonic garden gnomes (blame R.L. Stine), and on and on. But as an adult it’s not quite so simple. I am no longer that child that believes in magic (sad), I am now a ridiculously logical adult who is addicted to research and finding proof to everything. Everything. I still love LOVE werewolves and vampires, which is why I write for both a vampire site and werewolf one, but do I believe in them – no.

The reason why I don’t personally believe is because I have been studying werewolves personally and professionally for over 10 years now and have read every story and myth I could get my hands on. In all that time, with all of that research, I have not once come across even a single bit of actual proof that werewolves exist. I’m a woman that needs to see it to believe it, and I just haven’t seen it.

What I have learned from my research is that once upon a time, back hundreds of years ago before people had a grasp on science and medicine, they explained common ailments with superstition. People suffering rabies were labeled werewolves all because didn’t have an understanding of science and just blamed everything on magic. It’s things like this that make me believe in real werewolves even less. The fact that many werewolf myths came from ignorance.

Now, my views aren’t for everyone and I am by no means trying to steal your magic. So I ask you, do you believe in werewolves and why? Let me know in a comment below, I love to hear from you.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to werewolves and other supernatural beasties. She writes for top genre sites like and You will most likely find her huddled over a book of folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and you may lose a limb. You can stalk her via her Twitter.


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  1. Reason says ‘No.’ Heart says ‘Better not.’

    Though it would be cool, werewolves would cause too much chaos. The world has enough things to think about.

    1. Yes, I know for 100% fact that werewolves exist why because I am one though it sounds ridiculous for a 23 year old male to know deep down that they are a werewolf, that’s exactly what I am, I’m a 23 year old male werewolf I have known it my entire life but even when I tried to get myself to forget what I am, what I have done it always comes back in the end, every time I think where did I go wrong in life, I remember I was born different from humans, when I ask myself why I sometimes see stuff in slow motion I remember it’s because I’m a werewolf everything I have experienced negatively I remember it’s because you guessed it I’m a werewolf

  2. From my personal experience, yes. There’s more to this world than you might think. Nothing is true, but everything is permitted.

  3. I believe in werewolves fully and completely. I believe for one simple reason and that reason is because out of the hundreds upon hundreds of myths, legends, stories, and sightings out there, there has to be at the very least one that is true and real. That is why I believe in werewolves.

  4. Hey, it’s Insanity Wolf. When did he get here?

    On the subject of werewolves, no. They’re fun as PCs in Skyrim and Morrowind, characters in books, and ect, but I don’t believe in them.

  5. This is what i kind of call bigfoot… i mean seriously hundreds of sightings but one has to be true and also i can see werewolves living in the rockys or alaska or other uneplored areas, maybe bigfoot and werewolves come from human inbreeding and extents of belief

  6. there so many different thing people belive that thay cant see.
    many people believe in god and jesus and all thing thay did.
    werewolves are just as strange and abnormal as jesus and people belive in him.

  7. With all due respect but you say that you studied them for 10 years but you still praised that book of Barb Karg and that Werewolf Handbook that is actually for 11-12 year olds?
    This seems strange to me because all the stories I read actually made be question these books.

    By the way I think “The Werewolf Book” by Brad Steiger 2nd edition might be a book we both agree on. I recently read it and it was the weirdest book I ever read, no idea what he actually wanted to make that thing for or by what reason he chose those entries but did not include others. And actually some entries are not backed up by the sources he claims and some entries contradict himself.

    Ps. I do not regard werewolves (or what people today call werewolves) as being existent either.

    1. I’m sick of your pretentious comments and your need to be right about everything. Every single comment you leave here is negative and rude. I truly don’t understand your pathetic need to prove everyone wrong or to make people look bad.

      And yes, I praised a book for children. It’s a fun book that’s visually appealing. It may not be 100% accurate, but it’s still a fun read.

      Also, I have the 2nd edition. I don’t care what issues you have with it, you have issues with everything and it’s old and irritating.

      This is supposed to be a fun site for werewolf fans to read about werewolves and make new friends. You are ruining the fun. If people have issues with something I write, of course they can let me know. But when people, like you, try to point out flaws in every post it’s clear they want attention. Knock it off and go make your own werewolf site.

      1. Not 100 % accurate for that Handbook would be an understatement. Its not even 50 % accurate.

        And if you haven’t noticed, people take seriously what you write on your blog so you should spent more time to get it accurate.

        And I didn’t point out flaws in every post because in some I simply say my opinion, or will you deny me that as well? That I am rather cautious about the new Teen Wolf season, is that a crime for you as well?

        When I point out flaws it is because I perceive them as flaws and instead of being insulted all the time you should take your time and think whether there is something wrong with your information. I took my time with it but you seem not to. Not to mention that you never say where the infos you claim as being actual part of folklore come from, which makes your articles very questionable.

        And considered how you react to my comments makes me think that you seek attention and approval and can’t deal if you get it.

        You never manage to defend your positions, you provide no evidence or any pros. You simply delete the comments you don’t like thereby insulting me. But did I ever do that with you?
        No. And to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you delete this one as well.
        Makes me think about whether you are actually scared of me.

        1. Dude, this is a werewolf site, not a site in which we are trying to discover the variable reactions of nuclear fusion vs that of atomic heat. In other words, fuckin relax!!!!

    2. I think what Moonlight is accurately portraying is a habit of negative commenting, and she just finally got tired of dealing with it. Your rather rude comment of several paragraphs was off-topic to the actual post she made. The portion of your response that was on-topic was at the end in a postscript (P.S.) That isn’t someone giving a simple opinion or disagreement, but rather someone trolling to instigate a negative incident. Anyone can see this, it isn’t coming as a surprise and she’d be more than justified in just blocking you completely.

  8. While it would be cool, I do not actually believe they exist as people transforming into wolves or wolflike monsters. But I do believe people are capable of convincing themselves they have transformed or that they are wolves or werewolves, so in a way they do exist. :)

  9. oh my god yes i’ve been studing werewolves for as long as i can remeber and i remeber stuff from when i was 3…. so yes and i’m ready to deffend it

  10. I don’t know why I believe in them or vampires but I always have. I hope I always do. They bring a sorta peace in a very harsh world for me. 24 years old and still a believer of both werewolves and vampires. I can never get enough books on both species.

    1. If they were people that turned into stupid, rampaging beasts, sure…you ever wonder “what if it were possible to shift and not be any more violent or out of control than you were in human form?” THAT’S why you can’t pin us-err, *them* down.

    2. No there wouldn’t be no evidence. Honestly, I believe in everything. We aren’t alone on this world? Watch Alice in Wonderland? Yee, well I believe in other worlds as well buddy like that.

  11. I think I side with you on some stuff. But I do believe that there could have been, at least at some time, a wolf-like creature that inspired the idea. Probably more like a canine looking bigfoot, though. Further more, for me, werewolves are more metaphysical creatures that embody the tragic condition that is being human. So in a sense, we are all werewolves. We each have primal urges that in any given moment turns us into raving beasts. Now, I don’t mean to say there are werewolf spirits running around, I’m just saying that the beast exists within us, kind of like the creature in LORD OF THE FLIES. It’s kind of corny, but it works.

  12. werewolves vamps and all those other myth like creatures are out there and you should believe in them because they are out there k so beleive in them or not i dont care but they are out there i know and i beleive.

  13. I sincerely LOVE werewolves, to an extent where I would do possibly ANYTHING to become one.! But to be honest i’m kinda losing fate in what some may call my “fantasy”. Because there just is not enough prof to meet the criteria that there real :C i really hate to say it.

    I’m just thirteen & know stuff that most kids my age shouldn’t know and don’t know stuff like Alien’s, Zombie’s, Zombie outbreak cover ups, spirits, but there just is not enough evidence to prove that werewolves are real… I REALLY REALLY hope i’m wrong. Because if i spotted a werewolf i would hunt it down and whop it’s ass till it bites me so that i may revive the gift! :D

  14. there are werewolves, but in reality, they were born wolves, not people and do not transform into human at the end of the night, or were ever human. stories use werewolves to explain. some facts are correct, some are just used as a enhanchment

  15. I believe, because you have to believe in something and I think that this is a good something to believe in.

  16. hellooo mr. 47’s dragon :) i totally agree with you. theres just too much that we DONT know about to toatlly disregard the existence of “other’ creatures. i do believe that werewolves and friends ;) can be out there, humans probably see supernatural things all the time but they chalk it up to imagination or something easily explainable bot totally boring and not imaginative at all. just because people say its the wind doesnt mean theres not something monstrous on the other side of the door…

  17. And moonlight, i think this is pretty awesome :) thanks for all you do to keep this site going. i love werewolves, the good and the bad, and its nice to have a place where i can comfortably express my opinions :D

  18. i do believe in werewolves :) but i believe that they are a abnormally large wolf instead of the awesome form of a walking upright half human/wolf. I would love for the mystical werwolves to be real just because it would be amazing and would bring more excitment into our dull world. i believe there is a strange world still to be discoverd and if they ever find a werewolf, bigfoot and all other mythic creatures. :D thank you for opening this site just because any one else i mention my beliefs to other people they usally laugh.

  19. I’ll definitely want to be a werewolf. It seems so cool! And yeah, I think I believe in them…;)

  20. I am a fairly logical person, but yes, I do believe. I do not believe, however, that they pose as a threat to people. If you trespass on them, sure they are going to fight, but that’s just about the same with any animal. I think that if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother us. They are decently intelligent and know when to stay away. Doesn’t mean they might not just gather numbers, but that will not be in my lifetime anyway.

  21. Yes, I believe in them. The reason we have no proof is probably because if we did, humans would think that they were a threat and try to kill every wolf in the are or the whole world to make sure that there were no more werewolves. I believe that anything is possible because if you never believe that there is SOMETHING out there, then you will end up torn up to bits and pieces because of it. Just saying, I think they are real, but we won’t have an evidence of them. If we ever had any evidence of them, it would have been destroyed because of them fearing what the humans would do to them. Just saying….

  22. I think their existence is plausible in several ways. One being that they could simply look like wolves in transformations so they are unrecognizable as a human in wolf shape and unrecognizable in wolf form. Remains found would simply be Human or wolf and thus provoke no suspicion.

  23. Werewolves are not very (unknown or known) as real or not. But people can be not like people and more of an animal! the spirit of the werewolf is in the people that feel it more like, Not as mush as the people that’s don’t care, But as always they are from Tales and Movies, but the werewolf is very known to us!

  24. I’m a person that’s loved Cryptozoology for over 10 years now, and aggressive bipeds without a doubt are the subjects I enjoy researching the most! Though I do plenty of research on sightings of ones like “werewolves,” I’m the same way you are.

    Where’s the proof? Not some video or photo of course, because I know we have the technology today to create hoaxes.. Though I am open to viewing videos where people say it shows them turning. However, that won’t be good enough for evidence in my book. I’m talking about hair samples, DNA test results, and definitely a corpse.

    In my opinion though, I think the “werewolves” sighted mostly in the northern US I’m willing to bet were creatures created through science. I’m well aware of DNA experiments reaching the point of creating chimeras, so why not humans? The only trouble for that theory though, is finding a bonding agent that can link human and animal DNA, which I’ve yet to hear about unless it’s underground at this point.

  25. I personally belief werewolves exist; whether either of us will have the chance to see one in person thats for them to decide.For me I still search for them rather in form or in spell I will find them. I dont personally care of the proof people have that have doubt. Once you have seen one supernatural event happen in your life, that door opens even more;Once you want to change that physical self to be something that is worth while you continue that pursuit until one day one offers you that gift. That is my explanation, my goal.

  26. I believe being born, caught between two different realities must be terrible and beautiful. It’s in my DNA to accept this reality exists. I believe, back life times ago my family blood line was altered, because I can feel when someone special enters the room.

    I’m not special myself, but I sometimes feel it in others. It makes me receptive. It makes me protective of those who have to work so hard at hiding in plain sight.

    I was very deeply in love with a very beautiful soul who was so torn because of his conflicting spirits.
    Makes me very angry and sad when the blind and uninformed refer to those they don’t understand as monsters. Fear is the Monster, love and acceptance is the HUMAN alternative we should strive to embrace.

  27. i do believe in werewolves but what i have know so fur staying as human and traveling around within a forest something Extraordinaire might jump out of the woods if your caught in that creatures eyes once that happens you might get attack or killed but when your attack you might be curs and then the power of Satan can change people into beats so be careful outside at night

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