Do Werewolves Really Heal that Fast?

I tell you, Twilight has opened up a whole new world for me! And not just with the whole leach factor either, but with those who have the ability to change into another form entirely. Of course, I’m talking about Jacob Black and his whole pack of werewolves. Learning about all the werewolf legends, and traits of the wolves, throughout the books was one of my favorite parts. It’s probably why I think that New Moon is one of the best books is of the series – because it focuses largely on the werewolves and how they are formed, band together, and what’s expected of them thereafter. One thing that I found most interesting throughout the series was the fact that Jacob, and all the other wolves, had the ability to heal so quickly. Because I’m aware of Stephanie Meyer and the wide interpretation she’s open to, I wondered, do werewolves really heal that fast?

What I found was that the answer is yes. Werewolves really do heal very quickly. In fact, besides their most unstoppable size and sheer strength, this is one trait of the werewolf that does make them so powerful. Minor wounds barely even have a chance to show before they are all healed. Even more serious wounds such as a gunshot will show signs of healing over only seconds after the shot hits. Larger wounds, such as large gashes or broken bones, will heal in just a few minutes or at least in under a day. Virtually anything that happens to a werewolf won’t take that long to soon be gone as though it had never even happened.

What makes this so dangerous to their enemies is that nothing seems to slow werewolves down. Even if a human or other supernatural being can fight them for long periods of time, werewolves rarely tire, if at all. So they are much more capable to keep fighting long after they theoretically should have been out of the game. Add to this the fact that wounds that would injure another being to the point of not being able to fight anymore, are simply an annoyance that won’t be around for much longer to the wolf, and it’s easy to see why fighting a werewolf may be even more difficult than you think!

There is one wound that will stop a werewolf and cannot be repaired. Should a werwolf lose a limb, it cannot be recovered. Because of this, it’s one of the best ways that an enemy has to take down a werewolf when it seems that nothing else will stop them!


  1. The silver myth started around the medieval ages when the church would kill suspected werewolves with crosses that were usually made of silver. They did the same to vampires as well so it became a legend that silver was dangerous for both species, and is now used in books and literature as a way to kill them. I wouldn’t even bother cutting a limb off to stop one… I would cut it’s head off.


  2. …why do some many people have to associate bad ass werewolves with those things from twilight, they aren’t werewolves they are just shape changing indians…not traditional werewolves in the horror sense…

  3. As some of you said ….DONT ASSOCIATE Werewolfs with Twilight.
    The writher of that shit got everything wong
    Who is she to CHANGE the rules…vampires sparkling…humans turning in to wolf
    Bless eveyone who likes the traditional werewolfs

    1. While I don’t like Twilight, there isn’t anything wrong with “changing the rules.” Stories would get boring pretty fast if every author wrote the same way.

    2. i enjoy both types of werewolves (even if werewolves off twilight aren’t even werewolves, children of the moon are the real werewolves more ‘traditional’) but i agree sparkly vampires are a load of bollocks, fair enough stephnie meyer invent a new werewolf then say it isn’t really a werewof but the vampires are shit!

    3. Traditional werewolves are my favourite and now because of Twilight, it’s hard to find a wattpad book that shows werewolves in their traditional way and only describe them in the Twilight way. Van Helsing was the one movie I saw with werewolves that were depicted accurately!

  4. i actually don’t mind werewolves , well as long as they don’t attack my family friends or me otherwise well i would run for the hills

  5. and aidlez doesnt really know what happens weather leeches burn in the sun or if werewolfs really do take the form of a wolf the size of a man or not . what i mean is there when you think about it is really no rules the super natural can be any thing it wants to be and has the ability to scare the living daylights out of us

  6. werewolves are the best mythical creatures ever and i wouldn’t mind if they were on earth……..Heck i would have one as a pet if you could tame one.

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