Do Werewolves Need a Little More Girl Power?

When talking about werewolves, we usually have the tendency to refer to them in the masculine sense. “He changed” or “the werewolf licked his wounds” are common phrases found in werewolf history. But what about all the women? Very little is said about female werewolves, especially in a historical sense, and even when they are mentioned, very few are given a name such as the “She-Wolf.” In fact, if  you had to think of a few historical women werewolves, would you be able to name any except for this most infamous lady wolf?

What’s even more interesting is not only the fact that there are little to no women werewolves found in history, but that history doesn’t mind blaming women for turning men into wolves. Often it was a witch that would turn a man into a wolf or, it was sometimes the succession of birth that would turn a boy into a werewolf – as though it was the mother’s fault for not having him sooner or later. This classical depiction of a woman being the man’s demise is nothing new. In fact, it reaches as far back as the earliest Christianity books when Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit. But even though women have been highly accredited with turning man into beast, there is still very little mention of women werewolves in the history books.

Today, authors such as Patricia Briggs and movies like Eclipse are doing a lot to change the face of women in werewolf folklore. Briggs’ Alpha and Omega novels feature Anna, the Omega werewolf heroine. And it will be in Eclipse that we get to see Leah Clearwater helping Jacob fight off evil vampires. But still, in the Alpha and Omega series, Anna is a somewhat weak werewolf that needs her mate, Charles’, help with much of what she does. And even though Leah Clearwater is tough in her own right, she is still largely portrayed as a whiny annoying girl that won’t leave Jacob alone in the book.

So when are we going to start seeing some tough, kick ass women werewolves? I’m sure that there are a few out there that I’m missing but, when I can’t think of five off the top of my head, that tells me that the world of werewolves definitely needs a little more girl power!

– Kate


  1. There’s a collections of stories I bought YEARS ago called “Women Who Run With The Werewolves”…I’m pretty sure it’s out of print but look it up on ebay or amazon some time. Obviously, it’s a book about female werewolves…pretty good too.

  2. Actually, it’s on and you can get it for practically nothing. Not a lot of good reviews but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

  3. I want to write a story about the “real” werewolves. I’m not really a werewolve kind of person. In fact I like vampires more,but i want to find out the truth. The vampire propaganda is huge and will not die down. I personally think it’s the werewolves’ time to speek up.


  4. Don’t forget the she-wolves from The company of Wolves, Kate. :) The female werewolf exists, I promise! She’s just a tad more elusive.

    1. Haven’t heard of it, Anni but thanks! Definitely another one that is going on my list. I’m completely clueless, is that a book, movie?

  5. Reading this article i´ve remembered one of the characters in the movie Howling ( from the 80´s) one of the werewolf characters was a woman and she played an important role in the film, she was hot and powerfull, and, in fact, the werewolve´s boss. And all by herself, without any man´s help.

      1. I don´t know if there is a plan to shoot a remake of The Howling, that will be great (more werewolves more fun ) The original movie was ” the howling” by Joe dante, and the name of this female character was Marsha. The first time i saw this movie i decided that i will be forever on the werewolf side. And thanks to this webpage i don´t feel lonely anymore. (Too much bloodsuckers out there) :)

        1. Hey nel,
          Check out the post that Moonlight wrote about “The Howling: Reborn”, which is going to be a remake of the 1981 film. I’ve also heard from other sources that it is still a go, and that they are starting to film it in Canada next month. So I’d say it’s not going to be out until next year. But so cool, still!

          1. Thank you very much, Kate. That´s an excellent new. I´ll check the post. Good reason to howl at the moon today.

  6. im currently writing a story about werewolves…but im givin them a new name…and theres only 2 left in my story…the mian werewolf in my story is female

    1. There are many female werewolf heroines out there, who are tough capable of defending themselves. Even Patricia Brigg’s Anna is tough in her own right, and able to defend herself. She simply has strengths in other areas.
      There are other heroines, for example, Kelley Armstrong’s Elena Micheals, Karen MacInterney’s Sophie Garou, Thomas Emson’s Laura Greenacre.
      I think that women simply need different traits to make a good story. Who wants to read about a 6ft women with the muscles of a man kicking ass? People want to read something they can relate to, and having someone struggle to overcome foe’s greater than themselves is a good way to do that.
      You need to have something to test the heroines strength, and a ‘weaker’ female werewolf in a world of strong male werewolf’s is a perfect.
      :) Even so, you want 6ft muscle bound female shifters? Try Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, she has a variety of character’s in her novels, which includes an over 6ft muscle bound shifter ;)

  7. I’m reading a collection of werewolf stories for my course and I was actually surprised to find how many of them featured women as the werewolf (because women are all wicked, decietful creatures). The book is called the Werewolf pack and whilst these stories (gen. from the 1800s) aren’t empowering to women, a lot of the werewolves featured in them do turn out to be the women that have worked their way into the man’s home.

  8. I am currently working on many stories and one of them has a werewolf character that’s a girl. She is a teenager so no 6′ muscles for her.

  9. Werewolves will get more girl power when pigs fly. and everyone who writes a “real” werewolf book will just be attacked by Twilight fan girls saying the women and girls need to be submissive because they want them and their boyfriend to be exactly like Edward and Bella.

  10. I fucking love werewolves! They are so sexy! Wayyyyy stronger than Vampires, they need to let werewolves win for a chance because they are the real winners!

  11. READ the books of the White Wolf “werewolf the apocalypse” there are a lot of good stuff about werewolves!!! and stop reading shit like twilight, there the werewolves sucks…

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