Do Werewolves Age?

Werewolves can do many things, and undoubtedly, they have an incredible amount of powers. But it’s generally accepted that werewolves are not immortal and that, although it’s difficult, they can be killed. This got me thinking, sure they can die, but do they age? And how exactly does that happen? Why do some werewolves seem to stay teenagers for a long time, while there are also werewolves that are elderly? They must age, but just how does that work?

Werewolves certainly do age. But they can kind of control their aging in a way. And even though Stephenie Meyer may have taken great liberties with her take on the vampire, she did keep it pretty close to common folklore when it came to the wolves and how they age. Like Stephenie describes in the books, werewolves can age. However, as long as they continue to shape-shift and take on the form of the werewolf, they will not age. This means that werewolves can stay a certain age for as long.

Once werewolves stop shifting permanently, they will continue to age as they normally would. But even this aging won’t happen right away. The wolf first has to demonstrate that they have to control to keep from shifting and that they can maintain that control over a prolonged period of time. No one really knows how long it will take before the shifting will stop completely and aging will begin.

There are some parts of werewolf folklore that have werwolves living thousands of years. Even though they’re not immortal, they stay alive for this long even if they stop actually shifting into wolf form. These myths are few and far between and even within them, the wolves who can actually live that long are even fewer. And of course, there’s always the fact that werewolves are things of great mystery. And so, we’ll probably never know what the actual truth is!

– Kate


  1. ok i love to run im fast and strong, i have a BAD temper and i have a good sense of hearin and smelling. i have always been havin dreams of me as i a wolf and well i gtg see ya

    1. Did you ever think that all of those things are a result of you just being young?
      Don’t be an idiot.

  2. hey im back i had to go but as i was sayin…….. i was 5 or so when i saw a wolfman and i was in my bed i didnt kno wat to do then it bit me and ran off and i love to walk at night and am i a werewolf and i have had this weird feelin i was one (lycan) sense 4ever ago.

    1. if you don’t change by 18 or so then probably not since you were little the virus is maturing with your body like a born werewolf until your biologically ready to handle it

  3. Hello Kate,

    In regards to werewolves not aging, it’s rare but it has been used in movies/tv shows. The first example is Eric Cord and his ilk in the WEREWOLF tv series, Janos Skorzeny was made a werewolf during the Civil War, and the head of Cord’s Bloodline Nicolas Remy was around 2000 yrs old.

    Another example is the werewolf movie Full Eclipse, the werewolf antogonist Adam Garou (hehe) played by Bruce Payne is shown in newspaper clippings during Mario Van Peebles character investigating him, to not age over a span of decades.

    The last example is in The Company of Wolves, when The Traveller character played by Stephen Rea goes out on his wedding night during a full moon and doesn’t return for almost a decade. When he returns, his wife comments that he looks exactly the same as he did when he left, suggesting immortality.

    I think it’s got to do with the curse aspect, the werewolf can never really escape it, and will go on killing forever until someone manages to stop him, causing him to be tormented unto eternity…which is the true curse.

    1. I loved the tv series Werewolf. I was so upset when they took it off the air. I was 11 years old back then.

  4. ohonestly guys i would like to becamo a werewolf bcz i want to to do precisely what the curse does killin people non stop and i hope that one day i will wake up as a werewolf or as full fledged wolf

  5. well u sed in a prev. post tat dey had rapid healing powers nd ageing deteriorates like everything so won’t they heal from the effects of ageing?

  6. Ima werewolf and y would u like to kill people i only kill animals and all werewolves arent hellish. i mean i control myself and not kill humans! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANS WANNA TO BE A WEREWOLF JUST TO KILL! GOD!

    1. I don’t want to kill I want to be an hound of god (dispatch the evil supernaturals and fight satan)

      I’m not joking I know the pros and cons to lycanthtope/werewolf and frankly yeah I still want it (not gonna lie bing able to pretty much make a living off the athletics alone would be sweet I bet many werewolves do it and are known as human, but thats not my goal at all… it just be a good perk)


  7. @SheWolf1997… is your b-day in december???i was just wondering because you sound like…a friend of mine.o…and about humans always wanting to be a werewolf, they just like to kill things. they don’t know what ist really like to be a werewolf…ignorance.

    1. Werewolves does not attack human beings, they only protect earth mother which in the
      other hand, desecrated and abused. But now, they do not provide protection for others but for themselves… Which is caused again by humans…
      Let us be aware of the thIngs around us because, actually, humans are more violent and brutal than the feared forest werewolves.

  8. Ha ha.. Humans and their needs to slaughter.. Although it may be fun, only do it if necessary, if not, you WILL be hunted.

  9. werewolves have many powers that include black and white magic so y dont u rite somethin about that Kate oh and werewolves have traces of vampire in the so they do live forever unless they’re killed

  10. Werewolves are not folklores… I know that someday… Humans will prove of their existence. Also, werewolves live forever.

  11. most people think i’m crazy but i think different no one understand what i feel i would like to become a werewolf to show people there not so bad people think there flesh eating monsters but there wrong i think there just like us but in a different form i go out every full moon hoping to cross paths with one i’m vary young and have a long life to live so i’m going to keep searching for them wish me luck.

  12. werewolves do not exist! Only in fairy rails and books so just quiet saying your a werewolf because everyone already knows your not!

    PS. stephanie”s werewolves aren’t werewolves. their native american shapeshifters who suck ass

  14. I’m a pureblood mutant zombie werewolf lycan so i was born a lycan. I haven’t aged a second past 16 months old but I’m 23 years old now. But any type of werewolf doesn’t have to age again after they become a werewolf and i don’t know what the age cut offs is for purebloods but if you’re born a werewolf, you can stay a baby forever if you choose. I’m a baby alpha male black wolf and i think it’s gangsta. Ha my eyes be glowing red and shit. That shit is awesome. I haven’t turned completely yet but i every full moon i change more until I’m fully transformed but the most gangsta part is i can’t change back to the way i was before the last full moon. Yupp.. progress. Soo-woo

  15. I’m part werewolf and I don’t know about the rest of you who are legitimately werewolves, but here’s how the aging process works in my own family. It’s probably screwed up because our DNA is mixed with a lot of different species, but:

    Until late twenties, it’s more or less the same as a human. Then, you start aging more slowly. But you need a lot of lean proteins (about 65 – 80 g per day for a man, 55 – 75 per day for a woman) with plenty of complete amino acids – cottage cheese makes up like half my diet. It’s a good staple food for a vegetarian werewolf hybrid. Also you need plenty of produce, about eight servings per day, and very few starches, gluten, and carbs. Very few unsaturated fats, red meats, artificial ingredients, and junk foods. You can’t deny your instincts, so getting involved with sports is a good idea. No contact sports, though – we often don’t know our own strength and, compared to us, humans are very fragile. You could end up breaking the back of a human twice your size in a football tackle. However, swimming, biking, running, and rock-climbing are a good idea.

    You will notice that you can push your body far more than a human ever could even fathom, even while you are in old age, and this is normal. Also, do not be alarmed if your three-year-old brother tries and succeeds in pushing a kitchen chair around the dining room while you – a grown woman over three times his size – are sitting in it. While it is not necessarily a good idea for a small child to do this, the degree of strength exhibited by the child is normal for our kind.

    After the age of approximately 28, you will begin to age approximately three times slower than a human. For example, at the age of sixty-three, there is a possibility that you will look young enough to be the older sibling of your high-school age great-niece. Do not be surprised if, when you are forty-two, you are asked if you are the girlfriend of your nineteen-year-old son. This has happened before in my own family.

    You will have much higher energy levels and sexual stamina than a human, which makes you an excellent lover by human standards, but taking a human lover is rarely a good idea unless you want to explain why you’re acting so pissy every full moon, or, in the event that you get pregnant/get them pregnant with their/your child, why the child may someday do the same. Humans, if your romantic partner exhibits these symptoms…try to be understanding, or, at least, supportive. And confront them with what you know. It will make things much easier for both of you.

  16. werewolf spells do not work for me but the spirit of the wolf is inside me and every night I sleep on the floor and the moonlight shines and makes me feel safe. people use werewolf spells to get the urges to run like the beast of the forest

  17. The plague was raging in Europe, and werewolves and Vampires roamed the night looking for clean victims to fulfill their blood-lust. It was in this time that people were fleeing their homes in the towns to avoid the plague. Most took refuge in the Forests, while others in the Transylvanian Alps. It was in this time and these dark and foreboding mountains that a grizzly event took place…

    Bala Bideski and his family had fled their home into the mountains as the plague took a firm grip of their town (they were the last to escape, and some would say later that it was unfortunate that they did). Bala, his wife Chelitha, his two sons Christopher and Thengal, and his daughter Tahlia had set up a comfortable home in the forested hills that surrounded the mountains. One day Bala and his two sons (Chris 14 and Thengal 16) were cutting and gathering wood for the fire as it was almost Winter and they’d need a large stock-pile to get through the freezing conditions. Chris had wondered off from his father and was getting closer and closer to the steep incline of the mountains rough surface. He was about to return to his father when he heard the whimpering of what sounded like pups. He moved towards the sound, until he came upon a den in a small clearing. There in the mouth of the den were two beautiful pups, one of which looked strangely human. Chris came close to the pups and picked one of them up. After a while of petting the wolf-pup he put it back on the ground and left the area to find his father and brother.

    Not long after the young boy had left, the she-wolf returned to her den to find one of her pups covered in the smell of humans. The father of the pups was a lycanthrope who preferred to stay in wolf form, and he was livid…The lycanthrope had no choice but to kill his pup that had been handled by a human. After he did the deed, the werewolf went looking for the human perpetrator…It wasn’t long before he found the trail and followed it to a small hut on the hills in the forest.

    It was getting quite late when the family decided to turn in for the night. Chris laid down and his mother doused the lights. In the early hours of the morning came a “howling ” that pierced the night. Chris awoke with a start. He looked around the room he shared with his older brother. The moon outside was full so a stream of silver light poured in through the window above his bed, he could see the shadow of a small tree just outside his window against the far wall…But the shadow of the tree changed, in a second, into the shadow of a wolf standing on its hind legs. Except this wolf was huge…Bigger than any man Chris had ever seen.

    ” Thengal!!!!” Chris whispered, “Wake up!!!”

    Thengal stirred under his bed covers then opened his eyes… There at the window, silhouetted by the full moon was a wolf-man…Its eyes burned red and glowed. Thengal sat up in his bed…As he did the creature dived through the window frame and landed on Thengals bed. The werewolf tore at Thengals chest and neck, ripping out vital organs and his wind-pipe as he did so. By the time the wolf-creature was through the sixteen year old boys body lay in tatters on the bed. The wolf turned to Chris, but as it did the door to the room (a long piece of material) was thrown open and Bala and Chelitha bounded into the room. The werewolf flung its huge body out the window once more. Chelitha ran to her dead sons bed and screamed her sorrow, while Bala grabbed his pitch-fork (which he kept at the huts door) and ran out the door… As Bala left the hut a massive claw knocked him into their winter stock-pile of wood, knocking him unconscious. Moments later he awoke to find the wolf towering over him. The werewolf bent down and let the nail of its index finger to touch Bala’s Adams-apple. Then, with one quick flinch of its finger, the wolf-thing sliced along Bala’s neck, making him choke on his own blood…Now the wolf-man entered the house once more, this time through the door…

    Chelitha’s sobs could be heard as the werewolf moved silently through the house to Tahlia’s room. The twelve year old girl was sound asleep in her bed as the wolfs shadow moved over her body. Tahlia awoke and looked at the creature…She gave a scream as its jaws closed in on her face and slammed shut, in one swift movement, on her face…The wolf-creature stood and spat blood and pieces of flesh and bone onto the dirt floor. Chelitha ran into the room to find her daughters faceless body laying dead on the floor (where she had ended up), and the beast that did it standing there looking at her. Horror and fear shot through her distraught body. She ran back to her son’s room and grabbed Chris. They were about to flee the hut, when the wolf-creature stood in the door-way. Chelitha pulled her last remaining child to her breast. Chris closed his eyes and prayed…All remained silent, so he looked up at his mother’s face…But her head was gone…Her body fell to the ground with a thud…

    Chris looked about his room… Death was everywhere…But there was no wolf-thing…He stumbled through the house and out the door to exit the hut… There he found his dead father…Shocked and frightened, Chris stumbled into the forest, his breath making plumes in the air…


    The next Summer a group of woodsmen found the rotting corpses in the hut. They new that the family had consisted of two son’s so they searched the area, but found no trace…For years the rumor circulated that the young boy, Chris, had gone crazy due to the isolation the family endured and had killed them all…Until over ten years later a group of children playing in the forest found the decayed body of a young boy…The authorities found a necklace around the boys neck, this made identification of the body easier as the necklace was very distinctive…They found that the body was of Chris, the missing child of the massacred family.

    This story was reportedly told to a Publican who swore he was told by the thing that did these horrible crimes. Apparently after he was told the story, the Publican was attacked by the man, who “changed” into a wolf-like creature…The thing was frightened off, before it could inflict any injury bar a bump on the head, by a group of hunters who’d heard a commotion behind the pub.

  18. Ah man I must be lonely cuz I read these commets , iam changing now into a were computer geek , howooo I crave the …lol

  19. What the hell is wrong with you… i have been a born werewolf since 8555BC so i hve lived for some years. im an alpha and i got it when i was bornn because my mother died during my birth. i see haw much you want it too could turn and just run and lift unormaly havy things… that part is funny but othervice its hell. i have lived for 10 569 years and i say you that you wouldnt last a week with this alone, im just happy im alive because i grew upp in a pack with help, had i needed to do this alone i would have been dead by now and you that say youre a werewolf do not trust this pages completly i have read many of them and i have found many things thats wrong. so my word to you do not say you want this curse its like hell esspecialy if youre alone about it then its difficult to manage so much power, and are you not carefull enogh you will get youre self killed

    1. I admit that I’m a human with a shitty life. I also have numerous injuries that make it very difficult to function, and surgery is not an option.. Would it be possible for you to bite me?

  20. Hi please tell real part of werewovles how u become a werevoles and how many year u r live in earth

    1. its not possible unless you are born one!! its science not magic, if a human bit a wolf the wolf wouldn’t become a human! ok?

  21. I am really curious to know that Do warewolfs really exist in real life?? Deep down I know its possible.. But like srsly? Are they still alive or everything about them is just mythical and just a story?

    1. Dont worry I feel the same. Yesterday I tried to shift to a werewolf, I think I felt something and stopped right away.
      PS I am a christian, and scared to end up in hell. Will god forgive me???

  22. It by the light of the moon and our piercing howls we are further transform into cunning beast .from the circle of life to the evolution of man I shalled be reawakens as one with the land.

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