Do We Really Need More Historical Mashups?

No. No we do not. There are already countless historical mashups in bookstores right now, loads of historical novels with a supernatural twist –  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor: Vampire Slayer, Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter, Henry VIII: Wolfman: A Novel – just to name a few. On top of these rewritten history books, we also have an overabundance of literary mashups where popular classics have monsters written into them. We are drowning in supernatural mashups! So to answer that question above once again, no, we really do not need ANY more of them. But hell, it’s such a fun idea that I don’t care, so I’m writing my own historical mashup ideas, werewolf style! Bwahaha!

Ahem. Anyway, here are a few random-ass ideas for you to feast your eyes on. History + werewolves = nonstop mashup magnificence! Well, maybe.

Mad King Ludwig
When authors choose to do historical mashups they tend to use well-known royals to base their supernatural story on (which is why we have so many vampire books about the Tudors). Folks love stories about royalty. Of course I have to have at least one werewolf idea that features royalty, so I picked King Ludwig II. Lugwig was King of Bavaria (Germany) from 1864 until shortly before his death. He is most famous for building Neuschwanstein castle (pictured right), which is why I choose him. In my opinion, Neuschwanstein is the most magnificent castle in existence; it’s so amazing that it was the inspiration for the Disney castle! What better setting for a werewolf horror story? In my head I imagine a story where Ludwig isn’t just an insane King, but an insane werewolf King! This man was hated by his people for building his castles and nearly bankrupting Germany, and that about sums up his life – castles and hate. But what if there was more, what if he had a secret, what if he was a werewolf? Hmmm. I would totally read a book about werewolf Ludwig.

Spartan Warriors
Do I even need to explain this one? Picture the movie 300, now imagine if all of those warriors weren’t ordinary men but werewolves. It would be so badass! Spartan men began their military training when they were 7-years-old, they were killing machines, they lived for battle and winning. Werewolf strength, the ability to turn into a wolf and heightened senses mixed in with their already incredible fighting skills would make them the greatest warriors ever! Who wouldn’t read history book about bloody Spartan werewolves?

Native American Werewolves
Yes, there are already legends and stories about Native American skinwalkers, but what if you take the story further? When settlers came to North America they wiped out most of the natives, millions of them were brutally and horrifically killed by these newcomers. But what if we completely rewrite history, what if we make the Native Americans ferocious werewolves. Those nasty settlers wouldn’t have won that battle, the werewolves would have destroyed them and North America would be nothing like it is now. That could make for a very intricate and fascinating werewolf novel.

As much fun as this is, I’ll stop now. Those were a few of my historical mashup ideas, and now, it’s your turn. What are some mashup up ideas you have? If you could rewrite a part of history to include werewolves, what would you choose?

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  1. Would England have conquered Scotland if Scotland was filled with werewolves (Think Braveheart etc.)? Or would Rome have conquered British werewolves (or the French (yet more celts) for that matter).

  2. Native American Werewolves: As much as like them, they have already been done to death in too many supernatural westerns or modern supernatural times! See Moon Dance by S.P. Somtow as a classic example. Give me werecoyotes! In fact that’s the animal that skinwalkers tend to be and coyotes are known for attacking/biting people.
    What might be fun is having Viking werewolves coming into America for the first time to be greeted by Native werewolves.

    I would be more interested in parts of history where werewolves would not be expected to be where other werecritters might be.
    What about the Ghost and the Darkness (Tsavo Man-Eaters) really being killer werelions that have to be stopped by werewolves coming in to help the rail workers?
    Wiki link:
    In the meantime they might face hardship from the rail bosses, the locals, or other local werecritters who don’t want their help (werehyenas or were-african-hunting-dogs) in the matter.
    That sort of thing. Having a pack of werewolves face off another social pack animal with different ways of hunting would make for intense conflict, suspense, and action. As they try to out beat and out wit such ruthless killers with their own pack tactics.
    Can you see I’m tired of the lone werewolf stereotype?

    Or you can ignore all of that and just have the Tsavo Man-Eaters) be werelions terrorizing the workers.

  3. Ludwig? Neuschwanstein? Werewolf? Sounds like Gabriel Knight to me!

    Me? I’d prefer the pseudohistorcal style ala Doctor Who (see Tooth and Claw, The Shakespeare Code and The Fires of Pompeii) where they explain what happened behind major event to maintain continuity with current history. Here are some things that werewolves could be behind the scenes:
    – FDR had polio and lost the use of his legs. He, however, hid his condition from the public. But what if it was all a cover-up? Maybe something else happened with his legs. Maybe something werewolf-related…
    – Upon receiving political power, Julius Caesar was assassinated in an attempt to stop the birth of an empire and maintain the Roman republic. But what if it were really a political game of establishing a werewolf nation?
    – Spanish conquistadors came to Middle and South America and wiped out the natives with deadly diseases and advanced weaponry. But perhaps the disease wasn’t smallpox and the weapons weren’t guns…

  4. Ya im not the biggest fan of historical mashups either. but as long as people write what they love I dont care. the spartan warriors one sounds bitchin. like berserkers or somethin? I will however complain that the barnes and nobles in my area has way to many paranormal romances. :/ need… adventure… you should check out rage sometime though. its not a werewolf book. buts its pretty badass

  5. How about some unexplained historical sites? Stone henge as a werewolf sonar beacon, or maybe the only reason werewolves dont kill everybody?

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