Director Schools Media on PLANET OF THE APES

After a website devoted to comic books stated in a report that the forthcoming PLANET OF THE APES movie would be a reboot, the director of that movie, Wes Ball, took to Twitter to correct them—and offer an indictment of what too often passes for journalism these days, especially in entertainment news: “It’s never been easier for film journalists to actually get in touch with the actual people who actually know…but maybe it’s the point to NOT fact-check these days? Regardless. Don’t worry. I won’t ruin the surprises, but it’s safe to say Caesar’s legacy will continue…”

Damn. Burn! And he’s absolutely right. I’ve often bitched about it myself, the lack of standards in reporting these days. Maybe it’s the fault of the Internet, where anybody can post anything, but then we had Fox News before we really had the Internet. For that matter, William Randolph Hearst was printing bogus journalism a hundred years ago. Nobody’s perfect, myself included, and unintentional oversights can and do happen, but it does seem that more and more people simply don’t bother to check their facts before reporting these days.

I’m glad that the PLANET OF THE APES storyline from the past three movies will continue, by the way. Why reboot something if you don’t have to, especially when that something is as excellent as the recent POTA trilogy?

By The Evil Cheezman

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