Director Joe Nimziki talks ‘The Howling: Reborn’

The recently released film The Howling: Reborn has been getting all sorts of hell from fans of the original Howling flick for being so incredibly different from what they know and love. Well, Joe Nimziki, director of the new Howling film, recently did an interview where he touched on those issues. He also discussed the great things in his film and why he thinks fans of the original should give it a shot. Check it out:

Even though the film is more a love story within a werewolf setting, are you a fan of the original Joe Dante “The Howling?”
Joe Nimziki: I am a fan of the original Howling.  The decision was made by all involved to create a new, original story for our movie…but I still tipped my hat to the original several times in our film.

Some Howling fans may take umbrage with the fact that Reborn has the Howling moniker but plays more like a magnetic and captivating romance – any trepidation about using the Howling name?
JN: I’m sure you’re right, but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about that.  It’s certainly a reboot and not a remake. Hopefully most people will consider our film on its own terms…and if the research screening and early reaction is any indication they will enjoy the movie regardless of any preconceived expectations.

The attraction between Shaw and Landon Liboiron is key to what makes Reborn a success – was it something you had to work on and what in your opinion makes for memorable on-screen chemistry?
JN: There was a lot of auditioning to find Lindsey and Landon – then a lot of rehearsal with them to find that relationship.  The two of them also took it upon themselves to spend time together when they weren’t shooting which helped.  I think they’re terrific together in the film.  A lot is made about actors either having ‘chemistry’ or not, but I think that’s only part of the equation, along with a script that works and a lot of hard work.  When everything comes together, like it seems to have done for us, it’s really fun to watch.

Read the full interview HERE.

What do you guys think? I know we have a lot of original Howling fans here, how do you feel about this new film and what Joe had to say?

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  1. Hmmm…. I watched this Friday night with friends.

    It isn’t that bad. Our biggest complaint was a reuse of what we saw as werewolfism as metaphor for Puberty. We were also disappointed we didn’t see werewolves until towards the end of the film and then we commented that “beta” werewolves looked like giant hairless chihuahuas and the “alpha” werewolves who obviously had more budget given for custom/makeup/effects had tails… but hairy rat tails.

    There are clearly far far worse werewolf films in terms of werewolf appearance, effects and plot. But there are very few that are better.

  2. Overall well I am sorry to say it sucks not because it’s different from the original but it feels like I am seeing a tv episode with cheap effects. I am not looking for it to be exellent but this movie is more of a rent than a buy.

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