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Many moons ago, I had a desire to make it as a comic book writer. And, as it was close enough to impossible to break into one of the big companies without any credentials, I figured small press was the way to go. Problem was, I couldn’t draw even a stick figure, and my “partner,” despite being a supremely talented artist, was notoriously flaky, who only worked on the book when he felt like it. Also, he had some designs on being a writer himself, and he figured out eventually that he didn’t need me, that he could write and draw his own stories. The book never came out, and it’s just as well. It was awful. I’d be mortified if it were actually out there with my name on it. I had no inkling back then of just how lousy I was as a writer or I would have hung up my holster. (Yes, I like to think I’ve improved a wee bit since those dark days.)

We didn’t have social media back then, thankfully. We didn’t have kickstarter. But the guys behind the forthcoming comic book DIONYSIOS: THE TOME OF RECKONING have a whole lot more going for them with their project than I ever had. The writer is also an artist. They have a colorist and a letterer. Recently this project was brought to my attention and, as the comic will feature a werewolf in a prominent role, and because I know from firsthand experience how tough it is to pull off something like this, I’m glad to help them publicize their fundraiser. Check it out, whydoncha?

The Evil Cheezman • March 27, 2018

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