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Devil Monkeys and Dogmen Are The Same

Take a gander at the photo accompanying this article. It popped up in a random image search I did. It’s perfect for the point I want to make. Check out the creature’s ears. They don’t much look like a wolf’s ears. They look more like the ears of a bear, or of a simian, don’t you think? It has teddybear ears. In fact I would argue that the werewolf has a distinctly chimpanzee-like appearance. Maybe a touch of feline thrown in, too.

If people who have seen what are known as “Devil Monkeys” actually saw something that looked like this, are they really seeing primate-like animals? Consider if I put this out there as a picture of a Dogman. Would anyone argue that it doesn’t look appropriately doglike to qualify? Certainly not. I propose that “Devil Monkey” and “Dogman” are just two different terms for the same type of creature, something that is anthropomorphic in appearance, a halfway point between a lupine animal and a human being. Something that is halfway between an ape and a wolf, then, because human beings are apes, you will recall.

The photograph, I was able to determine, is from the 2010 Nickelodeon movie THE BOY WHO CRIED WEREWOLF. See? Werewolf. This apish critter is a wereWOLF, not a wereMONKEY.

The Evil Cheezman • March 22, 2020

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