Details on New Teen Wolf Season 3 Alpha

Season 3 of Teen Wolf is a long ways away, but casting news and spoilers are rushing in – like news on the new werewolf alpha in town. Gideon Emery, who can currently be seen as Booth on ABC’s “Last Resort,” has been cast in a villainess new role.

Emery will play Deucalion, the leader of the pack of Alpha werewolves that closed in on Beacon Hills in the Season 2 finale. Described as having “an eloquent, cutting intelligence,” this new werewolf will set a plan in motion to turn Derek and Scott against each other, in attempt to destroy the Beacon Hills supernatural community.

According to executive producer Jeff Davis, he has given his pack a very specific set of instructions. One plan of his is to send identical werewolf twins Ethan and Aidan into Beacon Hills High, on a mission to seduce and trap two targets, who just so happen to be Scott’s friends. I wonder who… hmmm…

Emery, who was raised in the UK and South Africa, is a very successful voice actor, having worked on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and given voice to countless video game characters (“Assassin’s Creed III,” “Diablo III,” ” Final Fantasy XIII-2,” and many many more).

Woo! A classy British werewolf that fights with intelligence as well as werewolf savagery. Sounds awesome. What do you think?

– Moonlight

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