Destruction: Wolfsbane

wolfsbaneWolfsbane. This plant had been known in the werewolf world for some time. Lets say you aren’t here to learn about our beloved werewolves, that you aren’t one of those that want to become a wolf; you are in fact on the hunt and are looking for ways to kill these supposed beasts. There are many ways to destroy a werewolf and the use of wolfsbane is one of those ways.

As its name clearly shows us, this plant so isn’t wolf friendly; it is a very deadly poison. When mixed with bait and devoured by a wolf, or even put on arrowheads, knives, swords…etc. and then fired or stabbed into the animal’s body, this toxin is fatal.

This plant is one of hundreds in the aconite family, as is monkshood. Both wolfsbane and monkshood are related to each other (both are toxic); their significance in folklore is mixed, causing a fusing of ideas. For example, in the werewolf movie Ginger Snaps, a pretty simple mixture of dried monkshood can inhibit the transition from human to wolf, or even reverse it.  But today’s post is about the big poison, wolfsbane.

In many fictional tales wolfsbane is used as a werewolf repellent, protecting people from the big bad wolf. It can even make a werewolf run away …or die just by the were smelling it or eating it. In the book Kitty and the Midnight Hour, the new werewolf, Kitty, tried to free herself from the curse by drinking some wolfsbane tea on the night of a full moon. But unfortunately for her it didn’t work, all it did was make her sick. But then in the movie The Wolfman it is mentioned that moonlight and flowering wolfsbane are needed to cause the transformation from man to wolf.

Now onto the poisonous parts of the plant. Aconite was supposedly an ingredient used by witches for magical ointments. This poison could for sure cause tingling on the skin followed by numbness and it could also cause hallucinations.  Now before you crazy kids run off to down some wolfsbane for a good time, this stuff is deadly! You would have to take a fatal dose to get those affects. No part of the plant should ever be eaten, or even touched. Even touching the plant can cause severe reactions to people.

Because of the deadly affect on humans, this plant was believed to be excellent against destroying or at least, hindering werewolves. So if you have a werewolf to kill, this should do the trick.

In all seriousness though, don’t screw around with the plant!

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    1. no you dont. sure it sounds great. take it from a wolf though its not always great, yo got heat, and the silver problem, no were not vampires we dont suck blood. if you find tat on a body dont blame us. if you know anything you should know that we are very real. we pose no threat to humans unless you come on our turf and even then its only a very little chance you will be in danger. oh and to all of you who want to be like us remeber, you all have an alpha a ack leader, if its not you you do have to obey them. you could go omega but the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack and just to be clear wolfs bane is poisonous to everybody humans included

    2. also we do have fur, we do become full wolves although if your transforming after you fall asleep your doing it wrong, and we usually hate the comparison to twighlight

  1. you pitiful humans. you know nothing of our kind. wolfsbane doesn’t hurt us, in fact, it sends us into transformation. wolfsbane is our high. and, contrary to popular ignorance, when we change, we have no fur, our eyes change color, our teeth lengthen, and our nails become hard and sharp as claws. not to mention the insane power that comes with our transformed state. we feed on blood, usually that of animals. of, and if you ever, ever compare us to twilight, we will personally rip your throat out.

    1. more like u pitiful human, i no all about the wolf ways 1 we do have fur smart 1. 2 werewolves are no threat 2 humans and they dont drink blood i meen omg its not like were vampires! 3 we do hate bein compared to the hot boddied werewolves of twightlight that when ever they want to prance around and mok us they can transform. although we do transform into bigger wolves as twighlight wolves do. we transform at night after we fall asleep but humans cant see us cause of our slyness. i have never seen wolfsbane and i dont want to if u come neer me w/ that horrid plant i will personaly rip ur throte out

    2. Sweet. Wolfsbane doesn’t kill you. Silver has mixed results.
      And all I have to do is kill you while you’re human, cause you have none of those abilities without your transformation.
      And seriously, unless you’re role playing, don’t call yourself a “real” werewolf. That makes you sound dense.

    1. If you wanna know who is, you can tell by their attitude change, The would be happy then poof out of no where their on a huge rampage, They live just like you and I, I have a close friend that is, Trust me their no threat but DO keep distance if their not in a good mood i manage to luck out of death by pissing him off. hope this helps you.

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  3. 1, i hate teen wolf its just full of stario types. 2 werewolves do transform into bigger or reg. size wolves. take it from a werewolf who got bit by a girl with 8 canines and the bite pops out not indents. if you get bit the mark has 2 stay there for 1 week no screamin or cryin if u want 2 be a wolf. 3.wolves do not suck blood we dont kill humans on purpose but we r very territorial and hostile. 4 i havent run into wolfsbane and i dont want 2

    1. Sukira you are the pitiful human if anybody is because you believe that we grow fur and turn into large or regular sized wolves when all that happens is our eyes if your and alpha,mostly yellow golden brown if you are a beta, mostly brown golden brown if you are a omega. Only and alpha can change a human whether it be via a bite or scratch only and alpha can. We grow fangs and claws. Our ears get pointy and we grow cheek hair and sometimes hair on our hands but we don’t turn into actual wolves. We are predators but we don’t have to be killers. We are all monsters but not all of us monsters do monstrous things.

  4. You dont know anything!! They are real!!!! Wolfsbane is dangerous, and if you dont believe me, go look it up!!!! You may not think it’s real, but it is. And if you don’t believe me, go find one and let them teach you ALL about it.

  5. yes as a matter of fact I did.
    I meant to say WEREWOLVES are real and if u dont believe that then u should find one.
    Thnx 4 helping me realize my mistake!!

  6. Hey, has anyone else heard about the werewolf that escaped the lab in the werewolf dimension?
    My friend told me about it….
    NO JOKE!!!!

  7. Um, i’m working on a werewolf novel where a werewolf is stabbed with a silver blade tipped with wolfsbane. However, how can the effects be reversed if I want the character saved?

    1. Their mate. I don’t know much on the topic, and I’m struggling to learn more, but it’s commonly said that a mate’s touch can at least help pain. Another viable option is extracting it. I’ve also heard of other herbs that supposedly counteract the effects of wolfsbane, but I don’t know.

  8. Shall we put some wolfsbane out for the urban foxes who get into your house and have molested or tried to drag away babies

    1. Uh… foxes don’t “molest” people. You may want to look up the meaning of that word. And foxes also don’t kidnap babies, they eat reptiles, berries and small rodents.

    1. So basically you’re saying that we wouldn’t care about cultural misappropriation? It’s not quite as offending as older movies, which frame us as mindless beasts that have the IQ level of a rodent, but it’s still not cool. I mean sure, I don’t spend my entire day obsessing over twilight and its royal sh*ttiness, but that doesn’t mean that if it comes up I won’t have an opinion.

  9. Young were, lycans, or what you choose to call yourself, You argue over such trivial matters. It is true that wolfsbane in the wrong doses can kill us, but it is also true that it can give us great power if consumed in the right way. May I also mention that there are many characteristics to our kind, as we are as diverse as the humans. Some furless, some not. Some who feed on blood, and some who prefer a “vegetarian” diet. We musn’t fight brothers and sisters, but coexist in such a biased world. Hunt on brethren!

  10. It’s inherited(My family is a long line of wolves. I am one of the last sadly), caused by deals with the underworld, bites(often not), and potions(old world method, results more in death than lycanthropy, not suggested). Good luck, Hunt on!

    1. Why do you care so much about what this page has to say. I’m also pretty sure if you was a creature of the night you would not have said so.

  11. Monkshood and Wolfsbane are the exact samthing. There just different names for Aconitum. It has more names like Leopard bane, womensbane, mousebane, devils helmet etc.

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