Design Your Own Werewolf: What Does Your Movie Wolf Look Like?

There has been a lot, and I mean a LOT, of debate here on over what movies and TV shows have the best looking werewolves. Many may love one particular style of wolf, but countless others may despise it. It’s a never ending battle on which werewolf looks more badass. Because I love myself a good debate, and because I love reading your comments, I am bringing this endless battle to you. But instead of simply asking you which movie or show has the best werewolves, I am asking you to design your own! If you were to make a werewolf film of your own, describe how your werewolves would look.

Here are some starting points. Some things to keep in mind…

  • Is your werewolf CGI, a real wolf, or elaborate makeup and costume?
  • Does it walk on all fours or does it stand upright.
  • Is it a blend of wolf and human? Does it look more like a wolf or human? Does it have deep human eyes or eerie wolf eyes?
  • What is its coloring? Black, white, gray… etc?
  • How big will it be? How much muscle?
  • Is your werewolf supposed to be scary?
  • Think of little details like the tail, the ears, the eye color, the feet… etc.

Now that I have got you started, I shall leave the rest to you my Dear Readers.

If given the chance to design a werewolf for film, what would you make your werewolves look like?

– Moonlight

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  1. Now, now.. I’m writting this story. A werewolf/raven mocker one. I have created a whole new setting, like an “awakening” period of 8 years, but only for a certain type of werewolf, the Rayluol… Gosh, I would take ages to explain. But I see all of my Lycans as rather furry ones. Most of them would be brown, y’know, quite the usual there: Inhuman strenght and the like, except that Lycans all have a great intelect. ^^ There’s a lot more, this is just the basic of what I made, though

  2. It would be a costume and make-up effects. People inherently know when something is CGI, and it cheapens the effect.

    Build-wise, it’s a blend of human and wolf with a lengthy tail, so they can stand on two legs or walk on four easily. The trouble is humans naturally walk on two, so trying to walk on all fours feels strange at first.

    In terms of size, depending on how large their human forms are, mine can gain anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds of muscle mass. Even though they wouldn’t lose their minds in were form, being near someone in that form causes a deep, unsettling feeling in humans. One that says, ‘Stay away’. Dogs and most animals will do the same, with canines sometimes acting like these creatures are higher ranked pack members.

    I think I’ll use a picture to detail my kind of werewolf’s markings and eye color to finish this off. –

  3. Id love to go costume but i think the way i want my werewolf to move would require CGI. Would do a little bit of walking on all fours and on two feet depending on its current action. You can see a little bit of human in the body shape but other than that it is mostly wolf. Im thinking for color id either go for a silverish brown or perhaps go for something more different and have it all white. Id have it with more muscle than the average human but not enough to make it like kind of chunky. Gotta have it where it can take of on all fours if it wants. Definitely suppose to be scary or maybe more of threatening that scary. The person would have most control but those wolf urges still leak through even when in human form. Would have him contain a scar on his face from his first time of attacking someone before fully knowing how to control his new form. Not sure what other details i would have.

  4. This is as detailed as I could make it:
    •Werewolf CGI
    •WalkS on all fours to go faster and it stands upright to fight. Moves through the city on free running style.
    •Blend of wolf and human.Completely furred body, muscular human torso and arms, clawed hands, digitigrade legs, regular length tail, wolf’s head, deep bright colored eyes.
    •Dark colored Fur (Brown or Black)
    •5 feet in all fours, 6.5 ft. upright. Muscular body
    •Impressive on sight
    •In human form, strenght would be increased along with the persons senses. Aging slows down and heals faster. Allergic to Silver. Can be either born or turned. If Born first change will be around puberty, if turned, first change would be on the first full moon after the bite. At the first change, Lupine instincts prevail, and the human side gains concience as it grows older.

  5. . a combination of both costume and CGI, for close up shots it would be costume with antrontic parts, CG for scenes when the wolf is far away or running.
    . walks and fights upright, goes on all fours when it runs.
    .blend of wolf and human, more a anthro beast look, human torso and arms with claws hands, digitgrade legs with wolf like feet, regular length tale, wolf shaped head with bright colored eyes.
    . usually the hair color of the person.
    .6 to 7 feet in height, muscular body, but not too muscular, more slender build.
    .yes, my werewolf would be scary.
    . can either be born or bitten, if born, first change happens around puberty, if bitten, change at first full moon. after first change, the person would be slowly able to regain their human conscience and control their wolf form better, eventually being able to change at will even when there is not a full moon.

  6. The more I think about it the more I realize that, while I have my own preference for what a movie werewolf would best look like, I’d rather just have good werewolf movies. Whether they’re “sparkle-wolves” or “brutal beast” wolves, most werewolf movies stink, and that doesn’t make sense to me.

  7. Mine would be cgi
    It would have wolf eyes and a wolf head and a tail of a wolf
    It would run fast on all fours and stalk the same but walks upright
    Long claws and sharp fangs and muzzle
    And its howl could be heard from 15 miles awayand could speak to u from its mind
    Not to mention its sense of smell is amazing
    Black fur and silver muzzle

  8. Mine would be on four legs.
    Eyes are very intensive, like they are cutting through you. Eye color is ocean blue.
    It would look like a wolf, only 2 times bigger.
    My wolf is black and has mark on the right leg in back(mark looks like 3 scratches and these are grey)and under his stomach it is grey too.
    It has very strong fangs and claws.
    It can read other werewolves/wolves mind.
    It has got very good sense of smell and it can run 100 km/h.
    People turn into werewolf whenever they need it.
    It ain’t curse and it is a curse.
    It will never harm people, only when something with the curse has gone wrong.
    I hope you like it! :)

  9. I think I’d like to see a somewhat human-like huge wolf, one that can (but doesn’t usually) rise on hind legs, and whose face is rather more expressive than a real wolf’s would be. But big, the mass of a human being. Their eye and hair color should not change, though.

  10. My ideal movie werewolf :

    – A combination of CGI and makeup. Makeup for close-up shots, CGI for any big movement (walking, running, etc).
    – It normally is biped (walks on 2 feet), but it will run on all fours to conserve energy and for greater speed.
    – More wolf than human, but looks completely different than an actual wolf. It would look kind of like this:
    – Wolf eyes…almond shaped. Yellow/gold
    – Either grey, dark grey, black, or brown. No light shades allowed – its not practical for hunting in the night.
    – While standing on its hind legs, it is approx. 7.5-8 ft tall. A moderate amount of muscle – looks more lithe…it relies on out maneuvering its prey and using its momentum and speed to kill rather than sheer size.
    – Yes, supposed to be scary.
    – Like mentioned before, it would look almost exactly like this…but except with a little more muscle on the leg muscles and the rib cage doesn’t show as much than in the picture.

  11. how do i see this werewolf? i see it as a girl,whos color hair is red, but as a werewolf
    you can see her scratch mark on her chest,shes full of fur, has the head of a wolf, has hind legs that rise up like a human and walks on the two hind legs, but runs like a normal wolf would, and when jumping launches out its arms toward you as if to attack.
    but the jaw has super long fangs, and has human pupils, but wolf shaped eyes, the nose is like a normal wolf. has a tail to thats medium size. remember the fur is the color of her normal hair as a human. the movie would be a horror and take place in a little town calld half moon bay, california.

  12. I’m writing an RP about a part-werewolf family. They’re pretty close to human but still have a lot of feral instinct just under the surface…like real people who are part werewolf

    The mom is the only one who has any real issues around the full moon so far. The dad, Gian, also a werewolf, is an absentee…but he turned into a larger than average wolf.

    So the mom (her name is Elise), during the full moon, has feral glowing wolf eyes, claws, wolf ears, and fangs. She’s taller and leaner than normal, built for strength and speed. Her features are more lupine.

    The oldest son, Adrian, is only 14 and hasn’t shifted yet; same story with his little brother Luka. I haven’t decided yet what they’ll look like but Adrian’s first transformation is supposed to be like two months after the beginning of the story so I’ll have to decide on him soon. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    Adrian is friends with a witch named Tamsin and she has werewolf blood but no real issues from that side of the family, just a pack mentality instinct and a faster metabolism than humans, plus a need for more protein. She hates crowds, just like him and just like a wolf (she finds humans overwhelming in large doses). Also, she has really big pupils like a dog or wolf, designed for taking in a lot of light, and her eyes get kinda feral-looking when she’s pissed off. It freaks people out. Tamsin has a younger sister named Alice who is also a witch but I haven’t decided if Alice has any issues with being part-werewolf.

    All the werewolf hybrids in the story (called Moonlight) feel a lot more comfortable in nature, running or biking. They don’t like being still, tight clothes because it feels constricting to them, makeup because it’s itchy and smells bad, tight spaces, loud noises, people who talk too much, or people messing with their territory. They growl when they feel threatened, feel really overheated if they get hot because canines can’t sweat (but they have to go to the bathroom more because the water doesn’t exit their bodies through sweat glands) and their hearts beat faster than a human’s so they need to eat more and stay really active, but they can’t eat a lot of high-carb or high-fat stuff or it’s like being a gastric bypass patient with dumping syndrome. Also, the females go into heat instead of getting PMS…but they still get periods.

    I like this design because they can pass as human really easily and not have a lot of complications there but at the same time they seem more like WEREWOLVES, not humans who happen to turn furry during the full moon. They have their own instincts, biology, and culture.

  13. I know werewolfs are real , got proof , ive seen one , if I was to make a movie it probally be something like a love story where a hug but sweetheart wolf finds a girl and he dont eat her but just nibbles on her a little and they live happy ever after .and then they get super strenth and start eattin people threw out the city till there was only a few people that was the enemy , that was werewolf huntters and they killed the werewolf couple that was in love , and the hunter pimped his ride with there hides on his truck , and made lamp shades out of scraps , I know I got a twisted humor , not all were wolfs are bad , probally most though , and no I dont think iam one so if any one tryes to hunt me your going to get a fat d__k in the mouth . Ha ha

  14. My favorite wolf? The Captain from the Hellsing OVA. Almost immortal magical creature who great CC-fighter&sharpshooter. Not a mindless beast. Have intellect and moral. Streng, speed, agility, regeneration. Also have nice silver fur. Or nice uniform in human form. And almost mute.

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