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Deprivation Affects Infants On The Microscopic Level

I can remember reading about the travails of American families who, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, began to adopt unwanted infants from former Soviet Bloc countries like Romania, where those babies had lain neglected in orphanages. Those families were then left to contend, after those babies grew older, with kids that were, for lack of a more compassionate word, damaged. No matter how much love those new parents lavished on the children, it couldn’t make up for those first formative months of life, when those babies were given food but were never held, given shelter but never loved. And that’s what’s really tragic about it. The evidence shows that such damage inflicted on newborns can *never* be reversed or healed. Such a child will grow up psychologically maladjusted. In the worst cases, it will be a sociopath, incapable of experiencing human empathy.

This isn’t psychobabble. The latest findings from medical research reveal that such neglect shown towards a newborn will ALTER IT ON THE GENETIC LEVEL, that it will in fact rewrite the child’s DNA! This may sound fantastic, but it’s straight Science. It’s for real. How do you create a potential monster lacking in empathy, compassion, or any value for the life of another person? It may begin, this new evidence suggests, in the cradle.

The Evil Cheezman • January 11, 2019

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