Debunking The Wisconsin Werewolf

We’re talking about the legendary Beast of Bray Road, Wisconsin. It’s one of my go-to examples whenever I get asked–and this happens often–whether or not werewolves are real. My answer is always the same: Are we talking about the standard Hollywood werewolf? If so, then no, they do not. However, is it possible that an entity that matches the overall physical description of such a creature might actually exist? Then the answer is yes. Not yes, they do exist, but yes, they MIGHT. I can’t say for certain, though I lean towards belief.

Is there reason for doubt, though, where the Beast of Bray Road is concerned? Doristine Gipson saw the Beast of Bray Road in 1989. It leapt up onto her car. This was on Halloween night, though. Might it have been some guy in a costume? Lorianne Endrizzi saw the Beast on the same night. Heather Bowry was just a kid when she supposedly encountered the Beast around the same time. She passed the story on to her bus driver, Pat Lester, who passed the reports on to reporter Linda Godfrey, who brought the Beast to national prominence. But Pat Lester is Lorianne Endrizzi’s mom. And lived next door to Doristine Gipson. Another witness, Tammy Bray, is a friend of Endrizzi’s.

Author Lisanne Harrington sees this interconnectedness of the witnesses as potentially suspicious, but is it, really? If the creature was appearing in a limited geographical area, it makes sense that the people who would see it would know each other. More importantly, though, Ms. Harrington is mistaken when she states that she finds it “strange that there have been no further sightings of the Beast of Bray Road” since those days. In point of fact, there HAVE been more sightings since then, by people who are not connected to any of the other witnesses. And those sightings did NOT take place on Halloween.

By The Evil Cheezman

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