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Dead Animals

Three horses—albeit horses of the miniature variety—and a dog in Monroe County, Kentucky were killed by some kind of animal. Two of the horses were found floating in a pond, the third in a barn with its throat torn out. It would seem the ones in the pond also suffered similar injuries, as their deaths were not ruled as cases of drowning. How, then, did they get in the pond? Did the predator that killed them put them there? The news report relating the story sure did skimp on the details.

As for the predator, what exactly was it? Tracks found on the site were inconclusive, but it is believed that a large cat killed the animals. “One track over there was a bobcat,” said William Lynch, a biologist who examined the site. [Note: a bobcat would not be large enough to have killed the animals.] Also said Lynch, “there is a larger track over here, but I’m not an expert on mountain lions. I’ll send it to someone else and see what he thinks and I’ll know in a day or two what he has to say about that.” Monroe County Sheriff Dale Ford stated: “”I don’t know what it is but I know it’s big and I know it’s deadly and if it can do that to those horses, it could do a lot to a child or even a grown man…[the creature has] characteristics of a big cat, the puncture wounds, the bites and stuff. If there is a threat we need to let the people know.”

What the report fails to mention is that mountain lions are supposed to be extinct in the area. Might this be a case of an ABC, an Alien Big Cat?

The Evil Cheezman • September 25, 2018

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