Dark Horse Announces ‘Alabaster: Wolves’

More comic news! There may be more vampire novels out there than werewolf ones, but in the world of comics, werewolves dominate. Dark Horse Comics recently announced “Alabaster: Wolves, ” a five-issue miniseries written by Caitlín R. Kiernan and illustrated by Steve Lieber with covers by Greg Ruth. Yay comics!

Kiernan, who has previously written for spinoff series from Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman,” will be launching “Alabaster: Wolves” in April. The upcoming comic series stars Dancy Flammarion, a young albino woman who is (or believes she is) accompanied by a seraph that helps her through various dangers as she hunts monsters in the Southern United States. Dancy first appeared as a side character in Kiernan’s novel “Threshold” before starring in a few short stories, which were later collected into the book “Alabaster” featuring illustrations by “Courtney Crumrin” creator Ted Naifeh.

In an interview with CBR, Kiernan chatted about the project and touched on what we’ll be seeing in the comic – werewolves!

“I don’t want to risk spoilers. Too much of what’s going to be good about “Wolves” is the new path Dancy is set upon, and how that messes her up, the consequences of her actions, the characters she encounters. For me, it’s a prelude to the Dark Horse stories that will follow “Wolves.” But, I can say, she’s up against a South Carolina swamp haunted by a pack of werewolves, and, ultimately, far worse things than werewolves. And she learns her weaknesses in a way she never has before. She’s becoming less that avenging hand of god. And, quite against her wishes, she ends up with two strange and unlikely traveling companions.”

“Alabaster: Wolves ” definitely has me intrigued, I’ll have to check this comic out when it’s released in April. What do you guys think – yay or nay?

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