Dances With Werewolves

One of the most beloved horror directors, the twisted Chad Ferrin, is currently working on a new flick that will not only make horror fans happy, but werewolf fans as well.

According to Market Watch “Hannover House, the entertainment distribution division of Target Development Group, Inc., has partnered with producer Roham Ghodsi’s Illusion Film Studios for the production of ‘Dances With Werewolves,’ a thriller by screenwriter David Chirchirillo based on the legendary, supernatural transformative powers of some Native American Indian warriors. The film will be produced in 3D for theatrical release in 2012 through Hannover House, which will also represent the film for sales and licensing throughout all of North and South America.

Chad Ferrin (pictured left) will direct the film with Nicole Reid and Niklas Larsson sharing producing duties with Ghodsi. Hannover House principals Eric Parkinson and Fred Shefte are executive producers.”

Hell yeah! A movie about Native American werewolves that doesn’t involve a half naked Jacob Black and his sparkly pals. Sounds rad.

Check out the synopsis:

Winter, 1864. William Singer and his young brother, Henry, along with four other Confederate POWs, escape from a Union prison camp just outside of Chicago. The ragged band soon find refuge aboard a moving locomotive, only to wake the next morning, train stopped, and the passengers brutally butchered by what appears to be the work of a wild animal. Trekking through the frozen wasteland, the rebels discover that “wild animal” is no animal at all, but a pack of Native American shape-shifting werewolves with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Relentlessly tracked by the Union Army, hunted by werewolves, trapped within the bitter cold with no food, no water and nowhere to go, they soon discover the hell they left is nothing compared to the horrors all around them.

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  1. Cowboys and indians with werewolves? Not so sure about that. Especially since traditional native wolf belief is not really as bloodthirsty as European mythology. It also perpetuates old prejudicial stories of natives massacring settlers when it was more often the other way around.
    No need to go all twilighty with them but I do not want it to be ruined by falling on old prejudices either.

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