CW Has Cancelled Plans For ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’

The CW has picked up four new series for next season, including Rob Thomas’iZombie and the Arrow spin-off The Flash, has learned. The network also ordered Jane the Virgin and The Messengers.

the night desk’s insight:
To keep myself and you all updated, I keep TVguide on my facebook page for breaking news, so I wanted to pass this on as soon as I received it. The tv guide has posted the CW network "has passed on the Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines." This means the new Chicago werewolf family are no longer a possibility at least for the next season, and most likely for good… because actors usually move on to new projects when one falls through. If you want to change this I would act immediately. Pass the word, make your voice heard, or there will be no saving this show.

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  1. well im sad, I mean I wasn’t yet invested in the storyline or characters but it had promise. I was hoping it would air when the other cw shows had their end seasons so there was something from them in the off season to watch

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