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Cryptkins, Wave Two!

Cryptozoic Entertainment has released a second series of those adorable Cryptkins. Once again I swallowed the hook on this one. I had to have several of those cute little beasties. This second series features figures of the Kraken, Cerberus, a Gryphon, a Unicorn, a Gold Dragon, a Blue Dragon, Pegasus, a “Cactus Cat” (pretty sure they just made this one up), a Gargoyle, a Werewolf, a Wendigo, and an Adlet. I’d never heard of an Adlet before that I could remember, so I looked it up. According to Wikipedia, the Adlet “are a race of creatures in the Inuit mythology of Greenland, as well as the Labrador and Hudson Bay coasts. While the word refers to inland Native American tribes, it also denotes a humanoid dog-legged tribe. The lower part of the body of the canine Adlet is like that of a dog and their upper part is like a man’s.” Kudos to Cryptozoic for mining some of the lesser-known folklore for their figures.

Of the lot, I had to have the Gryphon, the Gargoyle, the Wendigo (probably the most visually striking, but still cute, of the figures), the Werewolf (naturally, although their werewolf looks more like a were-rodent and is identical to the Adlet figure except not painted white), and the Kraken.

The Evil Cheezman • August 13, 2019

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