Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

I just finished reading Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs. I had never read anything by Briggs before so I went in hopeful and with absolutely no expectations. That’s just the way I like to go into these things and it proved to be advantageous to me. I really enjoyed it!

This book is about two werewolves, Anna and Charles, who are destined to be mates due to Charles’ will for it to be that way. Anna’s whole entire life has been difficult. She was transformed into a werewolf against her will and even though Charles has destined her to be his mate, she doesn’t really know why or how to handle it. Charles, on the other hand, is a pretty intimidating werewolf, mostly because his father is the head of all the werewolf packs in North America. However, even though Anna doesn’t want to be a werewolf and doesn’t fully understand all that goes with it, Charles is actually quite helpful to her. He explains to her what her role within the werewolf pack is and that she is an Omega wolf, and therefore, not bound by any of the Alpha’s decisions or requests. Little does Anna know that these wolf traits are about to come in very handy.

And if Anna thought she had problems before, she has no idea what’s in store for her! A lone werewolf soon starts attacking humans and Anna and Charles are both determined to find the wolf and fight him. But it turns out that this lone wolf is still only a small portion of the problems that these two are about to face. This is because this lone wolf is working on behalf of someone, or something else. What that is we don’t know for most of the book. But when we find out, we know that this larger evil, which includes other, more sinister werewolves, as well as an evil witch,  are looking to hunt down all of the werewolves on the entire continent and erase them.

Other than just the plot, which was somewhat riveting, I really liked the characters of this book. Anna is a timid and shy werewolf due to the fact that she spent a long time in a pack where she was abused. And Charles, while he seems presumptuous and arrogant at times, no doubt cares for Anna and only wants to make her as comfortable with being a werewolf as possible. There was a small excerpt in the back of Cry Wolf from the next book in this series and, even though I rarely do, I read it, wanting to get a better look at this series I have just discovered. It looks great and promises a lot more action, a lot more of Anna and Charles, and a lot more wolves!


  1. That sounds like an interesting book, I’ll try to pick it up from amazon when I have the spare cash. ^^
    Also, have you read any of the Old World of Darkness Werewolf books? Those are good too.

  2. It works even better if you read the short story in the On the Prowl short story book which has the very first story about how the two main characters met.

    1. Yes, someone mentioned to me that they showed up in a previous series and that reading that gives you a better understanding of the two. Thanks, I enjoyed reading it, I’m sure I’ll enjoying reading about them even more!

  3. You’ve read Cry Wolf, but have u read Hunting Grounds? its the second book after Cry Wolf, u would like it probably, but then i wouldnt know, try it out, u might like it

    1. No I haven’t read that one. Cry Wolf was the first book I’d ever read by Patricia Briggs. I probably would like Hunting Grounds! I’d definitely like to read more from her.

  4. just like i said kate, any1 who likes Patricia Briggs and has read Cry Wolf, but not Hunting Grounds, they would probably like it

    1. Just picked up Hunting Grounds, Angel. I’ll let ya know what I think of it as soon as I’m finished (reading a Stephen King right now though that I MUST finish first lol)

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