Cross: The Movie 2010 (and the Comic Book!)

I have to bypass all this movie’s details, and first say, –that Jake Busey is in this. Squeal! I love Jake Busey; he’s so wonky looking, and cute. Big Jake Busey fan; from The Frighteners, to Home Fries, to Starship Troopers, I loooove Jake Busey. Anyway! I’m not sure how much of a role they’re giving him in the upcoming Morningstar film, “Cross,” but he’s playing a character called ‘Backfire’ which sounds pretty Jake Busey. And Brian Austin Green is the star of the show, Callan Cross, –so altogether, not too bad of a cast, –with Tom Sizemore on it as well.

Morningstar has put together a winning number for the latest in what, for most indie movie lovers, has been a pretty good string of films, like Tooth and Nail, Just Add Water, Cabin Fever 2, and a few other decent titles. Patrick Durham, a producer on the Morningstar team, wrote this comic a while back about, what else, werewolves, and decided it was great material for a movie. As you can imagine, a one word comic book is really hard to find, but we managed to snagĀ  it for you, and have the link where the ‘Cross’ comic will soon be appearing. Right now, it’s mostly conceptual art, but they keep it updated, so be patient and check back weekly.

The plot of the movie is kind of funny, but I still have faith that it’ll turn out to be awesome; so okay, here goes. The idea is that there’s a mob hitman, who can transform into any animal, and he has to fight something else, something stronger, that gets its power from a Celtic cross. And that’s the best synopsis we could find. I’m pretty sure there’s more to it than that, but we’ll keep you posted. And if it turns out that that’s all there is, well, that sounds kind of cool too.

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