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Crochet Werewolf

Thanks to the fine folks over at Bloody Disgusting for bringing this to our attention (by posting an article about it; it’s not like they sent me a private message or anything). Available for purchase over on Etsy, at “Tales from the Stitch,” the online shop of crochet artist Chelsey Scully, aka “The Stitchkeeper,” are these custom Horror icons, rendered in crochet form. Hey aren’t cheap, but they’re handmade, remember, and a lot of work goes into each one, so the cost is understandable. I was going to report on “Tales from the Stitch” for our sister site, darkness.com, which deals with all things Horror-related. But then I saw the Leon “Curse of the Werewolf” doll and knew that the article belonged right here. Isn’t that adorable? (It’s in the photograph at the head of this article, in case you aren’t too quick on the upswing and somehow missed it. Ms. Scully lists the doll as “wolfman” but it is clearly a depiction of Oliver Reed’s werewolf in the Hammer classic.)

“I am a huge fan of all things scary, gross and just plain strange,” says the Stitchkeeper. Sister!

She also takes personal orders, so if you can’t live without a crochet version of, say, the Demogorgon from STRANGER THINGS, ask her to quote you a price.

The Evil Cheezman • August 23, 2018

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