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Critters Are Back, and They’re Practical!

I’d heard reports that SyFY was going to be making new CRITTERS movies. This got me excited. Then I heard that a new film entitled CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE was filming in January. Turns out the new movie has morphed into an eight episode series that will begin airing on Shudder on March 21st. While what I really want is a big-budget feature film from a major studio and featuring A-list talent, I’ll take this new series as an appetizer. The best news about this new series is that the Critters will be created via good old-fashioned practical effects! No CGI for those little rapacious fuzzballs! The Critters have never looked better.

I had always sorta figured that CRITTERS was just a rip-off of GREMLINS, but as it so happens both movies may have been inspired by the same real-life case, that of the so-called Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter that took place in Kentucky in 1955, in which two families claimed to have been besieged by small, aggressive alien creatures while the people were holed up in an old farmhouse. (It was a farmhouse in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, too. And a farmhouse in THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. What is it about farmhouses?)

The Evil Cheezman • March 10, 2019

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