Crimson Moon

Most of our advertisers are game makers, and recently my boss asked me to review our latest free game called “Crimson Moon” to see how easy me, a regular person, would find it so I could give you regular people some help to avoid my mistakes, which weren’t many, but they negatively affected my character.

Let’s start at the beginning, as with many of my assignments I am looking forward to, I rushed right in without taking the time to do it the correct way. Signing up for the werewolf game is super easy, but definitely take the time to do the tutorial, this will save you from my foolish mistakes and answer most, if not all your questions. You can choose a name and a “breed” of your character, with your breed choices being werewolf, vampire, or a hybrid. I can’t tell you what I chose because I don’t want you guys kicking my character’s a$$ everyday once you start playing too.

You build your stats by accomplishing things in the game, in particular fighting and defeating other players in a player vs player battle or battle against “NPC” characters, which in my opinion are much easier than the PVP battles, but you don’t receive as much reward and energy. Energy is what you need to do anything, 1 action equals 1 energy. It does allow you to speed up NPC attacks by using all your energy in one fight which gives you more money and experience in return. The more energy the faster you level, the more you level the tougher you are in the game it’s that simple.

You will join clans and be stronger as a whole than you were alone. The tutorial information is crucial when it comes to the clan info, so make sure you take the time and don’t live to regret it like me. After I took the tutorial, I fixed my foolish mistakes and leveled 4 times as fast as I had prior. You can buy extras with real money to add to your playing experience. I hope you enjoy the game like I do, and let us know what you think, we want to hear your opinions.

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