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Councilman Resigns After Being Revealed As A Furry

I always have to assume that there’s going to be somebody reading this, or any article I’ve written about Furries, who might not know what a Furry is. It is thus incumbent upon me to offer a concise explanation. A Furry is a pervert who likes to dress up in an animal costume like some football mascot and then do the nasty. I have been told there are also Furries out there who like to dress up in animal costumes and NOT do the nasty. (Not while wearing the costume, I mean.) But it’s the perverts who get all the news coverage. Hey, I answer to the clicks, okay? People aren’t as interested in the non-pervert Furries, so the tendency is, and must be, to focus on the creepy variety. (Apologies to any and all non-pervert Furries out there.)

T’would seem Connecticut Councilman Scott Chamberlain is a Furry of the perverted variety. According to this article, for which I make no claims regarding veracity, Chamberlain likes to dress up as a Furry character named “Gray Muzzle.” But when Gray Muzzle was revealed to the world at large by an online activist, Chamberlain resigned. He also bragged on his Furry profile that he “tolerates” rape. He alternately claimed his being a Furry has “nothing to do with sex; it’s an interest in cartoon animals.” Yeah, right. That’s what they ALL say. The “rape” thing would seem to contradict that, though. Pervert.

The Evil Cheezman • October 8, 2017

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