Coronavirus and the (Monster) Movies

AMC just managed to gather up some much needed fundage, I read. Or “capital”, as it is referred to in the business vernacular. Enough that they won’t be going bankrupt anytime soon. Enough to get them through the year, they said, or at least halfway, if they didn’t make a single cent (which they will). This is good news for them, and for those of us who enjoy going to the movies, too.

On that subject: I just saw another site post another movie review with a disclaimer attached. Something like “We do not encourage you to view any motion picture in any theater” and blah blah blah about there being some degree of risk. You may have noticed that we don’t do that here or on any of our sister sites. Want to know *why* we don’t attach such disclaimers to our movie reviews? Because I don’t want to insult your intelligence. Because I figure if you have enough sense to log on to a computer (or pull this site up on your celly) and read a review, you probably have enough of a functioning brain not to need me or anyone else to tell you that water is wet and the sky, when not overcast, is a lovely shade of blue. Because I know that you know that there is some degree of risk in going *anywhere* during this time of pandemic, and you are capable of deciding for yourselves when that risk is low enough that you’re not afraid to risk it. So go see a movie! Or don’t! Use your brain and make up your own mind about it. You don’t need me or any of those other critics telling you how to think. Just, if you do go, wear a mask, and maintain your distance from others. Common sense stuff, sense that those other reviewers won’t give you credit for having.

By The Evil Cheezman

WAYNE MILLER is the owner and creative director of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS (,, specializing in theatrical performances and haunted attractions. He has written, produced and directed (and occasionally acted in) over a dozen plays, most of them in the Horror and Crime genres. His first novel, THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT CHRISTOPHER: WEREWOLF, is available for purchase at MORTUI VELOCES SUNT!

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