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Continuations of KRAMPUS

Tonight, for the third consecutive year (fourth if you count the original theatrical release of the film), my wife and I celebrated one of our newly-minted annual Christmas traditions: we watched Michael Dougherty’s KRAMPUS. With Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) only a couple of days away (as I am writing this) it seemed proper timing. This movie so needs a sequel. It certainly made enough money to warrant one. The Hollywood formula is that a movie has to make two-and-a-half times its budget to be considered profitable. KRAMPUS had a budget of $15 million and raked in over $61 million.

The story for this proposed sequel would have to feature an all new family for Krampus to menace. The storyline of the first movie is complete; there is nothing else left to say there, nothing else left to do, nowhere left to go. Only Krampus himself would need to return. There are plenty of other Horror flicks featuring Krampus, some of them good (A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY) and some of them abysmally lousy (KRAMPUS: THE CHRISTMAS DEVIL), but what I want is a sequel to Dougherty’s movie, with the same FX team, the same Krampus, and with Dougherty back in the director’s chair. It’s probably due to the fact that the latter is so busy these days—he did a little movie entitled GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS—that we haven’t seen that sequel already. Word is that there’s going to be a TRICK-R-TREAT 2, so there’s hope Dougherty will get back to the horned one after that. Or heck, put Krampus in *that* movie! Let Krampus team up with Sam!

The Evil Cheezman • December 12, 2019

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