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Here’s a peek at some of the upcoming werewolf books us furry fans have to look forward to. Which one are you most excited about?

Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) by Laurell K. Hamilton
This series may have a whole lot of vampires in it, but that’s not all it has, there’s more than a handful of shapeshifters, from werewolves to wereleopards.  This time around Anita, vampire Jean-Claude and the werewolf Richard Zeeman have to battle it out with The Mother of All Darkness, and it’s going to be a hell of a fight. Coming June 1, 2010.

Wolf’s Cross by S. Andrew Swann
A werewolf tale set in the medieval world, Wolf’s Cross tells the story of Maria, a woman who lives a simple life in a small village. Around her neck she wears—as she has always worn—a silver crucifix, to protect her from the devil. Or so her father tells her. But her quiet life is shattered when a group of knights are badly attacked. For the knights are Wolfjägers, an order dedicated to the extermination of werewolves, and Maria, unknowingly, is one of the creatures they hunt. Only the crucifix about her neck prevents her body from changing into a lethal killing machine. Coming July 27, 2010.

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Barnes
A young adult book about fifteen-year-old Bryn who was adopted by the Alpha of a werewolf pack after a rogue wolf brutally killed her parents right before her eyes. All she knows is pack life, and the rigid social hierarchy that controls it. But when her curiosity gets the better of her and she discovers Chase, a new teen locked in a cage in her guardian’s basement, and witnesses him turn into a wolf before her eyes, the horrific memories of her parents’ murders return. Bryn becomes obsessed with getting her questions answered, and Chase is the only one who can give her the info she needs. Coming out June 8, 2010.

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