Coming Soon: Female Werewolf Movie ‘BITCH’

There’s always something new and fresh about an exclusively female werewolf movie. Unless of course, we’re talking about Jack and Diane, the lesbian werewolf movie that for some reason, is dragging its ass like a golden retriever with worms. But anyway, let us not dwell on the failures of some, let us instead, praise the creative efforts of better producers and film crews, and not to mention, better actresses. The female werewolf has been done, and been done well, in several films, like ‘Cursed’, with Christina Ricci, or the Ginger Snaps trilogy, or any number of other female-friendly werewolf movies, –but this one will be done by the horror mastermind Chris Smith, of the British production company Triangle, producing films like Severance, Creep, and Black Death.

You can get the whole scoop on BITCH, from Obsessed with Film:

Following the twisted delights of Triangle British horror maestro Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance, Black Death) has announced he would like to bring his own unique spin to the werewolf film. Tentatively titled Bitch one of his next projects is to be an exclusively female Werewolf movie.

Of course the female lycanthrope film is not an entirely new concept. Back in 2000 Ginger Snaps was an original ‘werewolf as puberty metaphor’ grisly tale that had Goth girls turn nasty and decidedly hairy (urh!) following a severe bite in the woods.

Smith commented that his favourite werewolf movie The Howling had “the greatest half hour in the genre” due to its intensely ambiguous opening and that this is a certain quality he would like to replicate in his own lycanthropic tale. But with only a few cast iron successes in the genre’s 70 year plus history the director will want to tread with extreme caution – especially after the turgid results of Joe Johnston’s recent The Wolfman.”

Nah, I disagree. I don’t think Smith should tread carefully; he should have fun, do his own thing, and to hell with it if no one but him likes it. If he has that attitude, instead of the whole ‘desperate to please’ meticulous attention to dettail, he’ll come back with another Wolfman. Commercialism and creativity are like oil and water, and Smith should just go for it, do whatever, and enjoy the results. I know we will too, especially if we can expect the same quality of Smith’s previous work in this film. And while we wait for BITCH, we can hope and pray someone finally does something with Jack and Diane, besides constantly change the cast members.


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