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Coming Soon: Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf: Volume Two

It’s a slow news day Dear Readers, so I bring you another book post. Good thing we love books. Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf: Volume Two by Patricia Briggs is coming out soon, May 7, 2013 to be exact. Hurray for werewolf comics! Check out the details.


91XGTN+EEkL._SL1500_“A world of shapeshifting wolves comes vividly to life in this collection of four comics based on Cry Wolf, the first book in Patricia Briggs’s #1 New York Times bestselling Alpha and Omega series.

Charles and Anna are on the hunt for a rogue werewolf in the Montana mountains. The creature has morphed into something so dark that it kills everything in its path: deer, elk, grizzlies…humans.

But the wolf is the creature of something far more powerful. One of Charles and Anna’s own pack harbors a centuries-old secret that has come back to haunt him—and wreak vengeance on those around him.

Charles and Anna—unaware of the truth—are two innocents who stand in the way. But even as members of their pack rally around them, Anna’s rare power comes into its own—and is unleashed…”

I haven’t read volume one yet, but it is on my never ending to-read list. I love me some comics. How about you? Have any of you read this comic series or the actual book series the comics are based on? If so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • April 28, 2013

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