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Come and Knock on Their Door

How long has it been now since Wolf’s Museum of Mystery was destroyed in a tragic fire? Not even a year yet? It seems so surreal, even now. I’m so thankful that not everything was destroyed in the fire; a few pieces survived. And I’m so glad to see my friends, Wolf and Ali Mertz, owners of the Museum of Mystery, starting to rebuild and recovering from their great loss. There is a new Museum of Mystery under development, housed in an historic church in Friendship, New York. Little by little and piece by piece, it is growing. I am thrilled for them.

Take a look at this photograph of Ali Mertz and the front door to the new Museum. And check out that doorknocker. It is, according to them, a “Colonial Era Wolf knocker” that was “long since removed from a Nordic Castle door.” Suh-weet! It will now adorn the reborn Wolf’s Museum of Mystery. Appropriate.

Head on over to the MOM’s Facebook page to see more photographs showing how they are progressing, and while you’re there why not buy something? There are vintage antiques and curiosities up for sale, some of them “survivors” from the previous Museum, and some of ‘em are priced downright cheap, considering. All sales go towards the further development of the new place.

The Evil Cheezman • January 23, 2020

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