Colton Haynes Didn’t Actually Like Filming ‘Teen Wolf’

‘We basically did only night shoots [for ‘Teen Wolf’]. It was in Atlanta, which believe it or not, it actually got really cold,’ says ‘Arrow’s’ Colton Haynes.

Most of us, including me, would like to believe that our favorite actors, from our favorite movies and shows, actually enjoyed filming the shows and films we love. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and it sucks, because I know that this is true, but at the same time, still like to think otherwise. 

Colton Haynes for example, was an awesome addition to the show; he’s hot, he clearly takes his roles and his career seriously, unlike some actors who are constantly bickering and drumming up major drama. But he didn’t enjoy filming the show in Atlanta, and who can blame him? Apparently, involved being wet, half naked, and running around at night, and cold. Sounds like a great way to get sick, really. And he’s a lot happier now that he’s working on Arrow as the sidekick “Arsenal.”

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