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Colin the Werewolf

Colin the Werewolf reached out to me on social media. Or rather his reps did. Same thing, really. They challenged me to check him out, so I did. Had I found what they were offering uninspiring, I would simply have disregarded the invitation and been on my merry way. I get a LOT of such suggestions, and can’t always find the time to check out what’s recommended. Colin got lucky in that his people caught me at just the right time.

Since you’re reading this, it means that I liked Colin the Werewolf. I wasn’t howling with laughter (ba-dum-pum) but I do think the videos are cute. Or maybe I’m just charmed by Colin’s Australian accent. The hirsute hero offers advice to the lycanthropically afflicted on such subjects as vegetarianism (Is it possible to be a vegetarian werewolf? I remember Morgan Freeman on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY portraying Vincent the Vegetable Vampire, so if it’s possible for a vampire, why not a werewolf?) and dating.

So what does “ethical” eating mean for a werewolf? Avoiding meat in general, or just avoiding eating human flesh? Just remember to avoid candy bars. As with dogs, chocolate makes werewolves sick. Good to know, right?

The Evil Cheezman • October 24, 2019

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