Cody Christian from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is Coming to ‘Teen Wolf’ for Season 5

“A new face is headed to Beacon Hills! Cody Christian is joining the cast for the fifth season of Teen Wolf…”

He’s cute but I’m way too old for that kid; I don’t have to feel guilty about crushing on Robert Pattinson, he’s probably older than me. As werewolves go, this kid is cute, but a little too smooth for me; I like my werewolves a little more manly, like Joe Manganiello: now that’s a werewolf. Or that huge sexy horse tribe guy from Game of Thrones. Yum.

Cody Christian will be entering Beacon Hills in Teen Wolf as a lonely werewolf in search of a pack; his character’s name is Theo, and he might have secret ties to the town’s past, though he enters the show initially as a stranger. That means he could have some potential as a bad guy, but might end up a casualty too. We’ll see. 

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