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Cloned Sheep Not Old before Her Time

I’d heard of Dolly, the cloned sheep, but I didn’t know they’d killed her. It happened back in 2003. Dolly had only lived about half her natural lifespan, and at the time of her death it appeared that she was suffering from early onset arthritis. This led to the conclusion that cloned animals–and presumably cloned humans–would be prone to such early age-related conditions. In other words, a clone would age faster than normal. New research, however, contradicts that, showing that Dolly’s arthritis was considered normal for a sheep of her age. No rapid aging. And Dolly’s other clones, or should I say clones produced from the same genetic material as Dolly, showed no signs of suffering from the condition. (The other clones were named Dianna, Denise, Daisy, and Debbie. Just FYI.)

I can’t think of sheep anymore without automatically thinking of the 2006 instant classic BLACK SHEEP, which depicts a revolt of maneating sheep, as well as humans turning into were-sheep, and is blisteringly funny. (“There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand–and they’re pissed off!”) I’m thinking this whole cloning thing could provide a foundation for a sequel. No longer confined to Kiwi-land, the killer sheep could take on the world! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The Evil Cheezman • December 3, 2017

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