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Clawdeen Wolf is a New Favorite

Clawdeen Wolf is so hot she’s flying off of store shelves – but what is she you may ask. Well, she’s from Monster High, the big new product explosion for kids. It’s a new line from Mattel that offers all sorts of goods from videos to toys. Monster High is of course, a high school of monsters. Not only do you have Clawdeen Wolf but there’s also Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Deuce Gorgon and more.

The official Monster High website has free games, activities, videos and TONS more to explore. You can even print off some of the activities for yourself or for your kids. As your play the games you will get codes to unlock other fun stuff on the site. The Monster High videos can be found on their official website and on Youtube. The videos are cute mini episodes that are surprisingly entertaining.

The fun doesn’t end at their website though, you can also buy a lot of Monster High goodies. The current bestsellers are the dolls – every time I’m shopping I check out the toy section to look at one of these dolls but they are ALWAYS sold out, kids must really love these things (I guess they‘re sick of boring Barbies and Bratz). Via iCoffin codes you can also get Monster High tattoo, locker decorations and more.

But it doesn’t end there! You can also buy diaries (I love the Fearbook), plush dolls, key chains, hot wheels and… yea, you get the point. Monster High has a lot to offer, Mattel went all out on this one. If you are interested in buying some Monster High stuff you can buy them online or you can get them from stores like Target. If I were you I wouldn‘t buy online, online prices appear to be about double than store prices.

Here’s one of many Monster High videos, just so you have a better idea of what it’s all about (the addictive theme song can be found on their site as a ringtone for your cell):

– Moonlight

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moonlight • August 17, 2010

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  • PenningtonBeast

    Wow, that was awful.

    I weep for my future children.

  • Yammers

    I like it think its cute. But yeah do feel bad for kids lol

  • Draculaura is super cute, I love her accent :) Clawdeen wolf is fierce! Ghoulia is…..somethin else. and Lagoona Blue has a funny southern accent
    MONSTER HIGH! (But I ♥ the wilight wolf pack!)

    • Charles

      it’s not a southern Accent…. It’s Australian….

  • hey clawdeen!!!

  • I got FrankieStein and Draculaura For X-Mas! I love them! I <3 MH!

  • efi

    i love monster high

  • Draculaura

    Clawdeen! She’s my BMFF (Best Monster Friend Forever!)Hugs and Stiches – Draculaura

  • erin

    frankie stein is my favirote because she is beutiful and she is the best friend i could ever have and do u know i did her hair the other day and put a black bow in her hair and she looks drop dead gorgeous

  • monster high cool

  • monster high

  • i love monster high

  • cloe

    i love monster high!i will buy it soon! :D

  • monster high is osum!!!and so cool!!!eggspeshly ABBY(:!!!!!!

    • i rather put my name draculora is the best thats why

    • i want my name to be draculora

  • nice dolls

    • draculora is the best doll of monster high

  • i love monster high i have a friend name cristal she also likes monster high my friend likes dracorlora i also like her to dracorlora is pretty

  • my bestfriend cristal have in lour folders of hearts