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Cillian Murphy moving to A QUIET PLACE?

Considering just how successful it was both economically and critically, we knew almost immediately after its release that A QUIET PLACE would be getting a sequel. John Krasinski will return to write and direct, but he won’t be able to appear in the movie, as you can well understand if you’ve seen it. His character died. I suppose they could always have him appear via flashbacks, but if they leaned on this too hard what they’d end up with would be a prequel instead of a sequel. This latter is always a possibility, but it does seem they want to move forward with the story, not backwards. (Emily Blunt has called the forthcoming movie not a sequel but the “second book” in a series.) This will necessitate bringing in a new male lead.

Enter Cillian Murphy of BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, RED EYE, 28 DAYS LATER, et al. It’s a good call. Murphy is a terrific actor and he’s certainly no stranger to intelligent Horror. Will he be portraying a new love interest for Emily Blunt, or a new threat to her and her family? Both, perhaps? He proved in RED EYE that he can be charming and in 28 DAYS LATER that he can be resourceful, but Batman will tell you he’s not to be trusted!

The Evil Cheezman • April 5, 2019

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