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-Chupa on Display

There’s a snazzy new museum set to open in a few weeks not too far from my area of residence. It looks most impressive, but they’re billing it as a museum of natural history, and it isn’t. It’s a privately owned facility, and the owners are staunch Creationists. While I’ve met them and they are really nice people and I don’t think they are trying to be disingenuous, it still strikes me as sketchy to put your establishment out there as anything Science related when it is not. To believe the Creationist spiel—which is not at all the same thing as believing in the existence of a higher power, or even believing that said higher power brought the universe into being—it is necessary to ignore everything we know about modern Science. It’s misleading to market it as educational when it is in fact a source of alternative indoctrination.

I probably will visit the museum, though. You couldn’t drag me to an exhibit like that “life-sized” Noah’s Ark exhibit (Note: a boat constructed to the parameters given in the Bible would not be able to stay afloat; law of Physics, here.) but the folks who own this new place are, as I said, really nice. Misguided, but nice.

I also will have to visit the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton, Texas at some point. It seems to be more heavy-handed in its anti-Science agenda, which I find distasteful. But they’ve got a taxidermied Chupacabra on display. How could I possibly stay away from that?

The Evil Cheezman • June 11, 2019

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