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Chucky Vs. Annabelle

I’ve found those posters depicting Chucky, the new Chucky from the CHILD’S PLAY remake (expect my official review over at our sister site darkness.com as soon as I get a free moment to go see it), offing all the toys from the TOY STORY franchise to be quite funny, and a clever form of advertising. That advertising, and the name recognition of the film among Horror aficionados, and the counterprogramming strategy of opening against the Disney-Pixar juggernaut this past weekend, seems to have paid off. CHILD’S PLAY brought in $14 million+ at the box office. Expect sequels.

But has Chucky bitten off more than he can chew with his latest target?

Those TOY STORY toys are easy pickin’s, sure. But Annabelle?! The latest poster for CHILD’S PLAY continues the theme of Chucky’s reign of terror amongst the toy world, but this is no ordinary dolly he’s messing with this time around. And when the new ANNABELLE COMES HOME opening this coming weekend, Chucky might find himself outmatched. Methinks it would have been wiser, Chucky old boy, to attempt a team-up instead. The Chucky from the increasingly dimwitted CHILD’S PLAY franchise has proven himself quite a ladies’ man. You could have picked up a few tips for trying to woo Annabelle. You two do, after all, have a lot in common.

The Evil Cheezman • July 5, 2019

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