Check Out The Wild Teen Wolf Mid-Season Trailer

It’s San Diego Comic Con time! Teen Wolf had a panel at this year’s Con (just like last year) and at it the cast and producer revealed all kinds of hints at what’s to come the second half of the third season. But even better than hints and clues is the mid-season trailer that was shared. The totally epic, action-packed, bloody trailer! See it for yourself!

Exciting! I am a season and a half behind and that trailer even got my attention. But as I said above, there was more revealed that just the trailer…

Executive producer Jeff Davis had a lot to share at the panel.

  • MTV has given the second half of Teen Wolf‘s third season a premiere date. Annnnd… it’s January 6. Seriously. You have to wait that long for the second half.
  • “The virgin sacrifices are over,” Davis said, “but the question of Stiles’ virginity has not been answered but it will be answered in an upcoming episode.” Yeah, Stiles is getting laid. Um… yay?
  • Fans will find out “what’s up with Lydia” in episode 9, called “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.” Hinted Roden: “The name of the episode is a clue.”
  • The big Derek flashback episode is finally coming! Davis said “It’s one of the most different of our episodes that we’ve done and we’ve done a lot of experiments this season…but this flashback episode takes us back to Derek’s past and we’re really proud of it. You get a lot of insight into the Hale family, especially the question about a werewolf eyes.”
  • Davis also said that the show will be heading into new mythology involving a Japanese shapeshifter. “We’re excited to take things into a new direction.”

What are your thoughts on everything revealed at Comic Con?

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