Check Out the Trailer for Indie Werewolf Movie ‘Hunger Unholy’

I’ve got some indie goodness for you wondrous horror fans! A long teaser trailer for the flick Hunger Unholy has been released and it here for your viewing pleasure. Check out the details and new trailer below.

Hunger_Unholy_Poster_4_16_13The film was written and directed by Nicholas Holland and stars Laura Kriss, JT Taylor, Nate Burud, Nicholas Holland, Lillian Lamour and Jordan Kantola.

The description:

“After the funeral of her boyfriend Gabe’s parents, Kelly heads up north to the family cabin with him and a few of their friends as he prepares to sell it. Things quickly begin to spiral out of control though when their friends begin to disappear one by one with the rising of the full moon.”

The trailer:

Is it a low-budget indie film? Yes, it most certainly is. Just the way many werewolf fans like it. Well, many horror fans in general. You’ve got the mystery, the blood and gore, and of course, the monstrous beast. Everything you could want.

There doesn’t appear to be any word on when you can watch this film. But from the sounds of it, it will be making the film festival run before all else. For more information you can check out the Hunger Unholy Facebook page HERE.

What are your thoughts on Hunger Unholy? Do you like these indie films or do you prefer fancy blockbuster hits? Let us know in a comment below.

– Moonlight

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  1. Meh – looks okay.

    I prefer movies where the acting doesn’t make me cringe – but I understand everybody has to start out somewhere.

    That being said, I’ll probably watch it anyways – I’m a sucker for all things werewolf…not matter how low-budget they are!

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