Check Out the Super Creepy ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Trailer

‘The doctors will see you now,’ so reads a tagline in the creepy promo, which introduces the new villains.

You know, high school is hard. All the social sciences can just be confusing. These are our formative years where we figure out who we are so you can imagine how hard this is when you’re also a werewolf too on top of all that. 

MTV started releasing teasers for Season 5 of their popular show, Teen Wolf. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer these wolves are teenagers since executive producer, Jeff Davis said in an interview all the characters are in their senior year in high school so we’ll see if they’re pawing up the stage on the way to get their diplomas. The teaser shares some very ominous dialogue which indicates SOMETHING SERIOUS is going on. Be on the lookout for Season 5 of Teen Wolf to premiere this Summer.


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