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While checking out news on this year’s Comic-Con I discovered that the folks behind MTV’s Teen Wolf are returning again and this time they are showing off clips of future episodes and will also be doing a Q and A with the cast and crew. That’s rad and all, but then I learned that on top of that they will also be handing out signed copies of the Teen Wolf comic book. My first reaction to the news was “Wait what?! MTV made a comic book too, how did I not know this?!” So I did some digging, and yes, a while back MTV created a comic book based on the show. Yay comics!

Issue #1 synopsis:

“Scott McCall’s life is a living nightmare. Sure, he’s co-captain of the Beacon Hills High Lacrosse Team and he’s got a hot new girlfriend named Allison who adores him–but Scott was bitten by a Werewolf. And every time he gets excited, the claws come out. And the hair. And the fangs. Which might be okay, except Allison’s father leads a specially-trained group of Hunters who want him dead. Scott’s managed to keep his secret safe, but what happens when he can’t reverse the process? In this original comic book story based on MTV’s new series, Scott’s stuck–and nothing can change him back. Will he stay a Werewolf forever? The horror begins here.”


Art and cover by: STEPHEN MOONEY
Letters by: ED DUKESHIRE
Edited by: TOM AKEL

The great thing about this comic is that you don’t have to buy it to read it, you read it right off of MTV Comic’s website. You can check out the first issue of the Teen Wolf comic HERE.

Here’s a little preview of what you’ll find:

Beyond handing out printed copies at Comic-Con, there’s no word on whether or not the Teen Wolf comic will be available in print for everyone, which is a shame because I’m sure there are fans that would love to have a copy on their book shelves. But until then they are free to view online.

Have any of you read the comic, if so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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  1. I read the comic when i was on mtv’s site watching teen wolf’s bonus and behind the scenes footage. I thought it was cool, if not a little premature. I have a soft spot for anything wolf or werewolf related (made obvious with my continual visit to this site) and the teen wolf series is doing better and beter with each episode. Im also a fan of webcomics, but i digress. The teen wolf comic is cool and i hope to read more of it, whether it be online or in print.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goooodddddddddd i wish i had a teen wolf comic book and did they only gave it out in comic con ? and DEREK HALE IS SOOOOOO FRECKIN SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HOT !!!!!!!!!GOOOO TYLER HOECHLIN (DEREK HALE).

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