Channing Tatum is “The Universe’s Only Hairless Werewolf” in Jupiter Ascending

“The designs of ships and species seem fueled entirely by a “this looks cool” mentality with no concern for what makes sense in the world…”

As it should be! Dude. DUDE. It’s fantasy, therefore, anything goes. Or sci-fi/fantasy, but whatever; either way, it adds up to fiction. And Channing Tatum’s character barely qualifies as a werewolf. He looks vaguely wolfy, and it’s because he has this human + wolf DNA combo thing going on; which means pointy ears, a good sense of smell, –and oh, he has the ‘power’ of owning anti-gravity boots, and using them well. 

Anyway, the film review on the source is crap, and I have never really listened to criticism, –except where I, Frankenstein was concerned. I should have listened, that movie sucked so much, the actors should have sued. Jupiter Ascending has a great cast, and looks like a lot of fun. I suggest giving the hairless werewolf a chance. Besides, Channing Tatum probably appears shirtless at least once. And who is going to miss that?

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