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Chaney Legacy Cards!

I “met” artist Clay Sayre on a Lon Chaney fan page. Seems like a cool guy, and I really dug his work. Turns out he has contributed his talents to a little project called “The Chaney Legacy” trading card collection. As I am wont to do if I come across something that I like, I shall now do my part to pimp it. Check out, then, these masterful works. They come to us courtesy of Mark’s Non-Sports Cards (Hey, anything that contains the words “non-sports” in its title is A-okay with me.) You can check out their Facebook page too; unfortunately it is Facebook, which means you’ll have to deal with the typical Facebook fappers doing their fapping. I always suggest you deal with them by ignoring them. But anyway, back to the cards.

You don’t have to be a mark for Lon Chaney to appreciate the masterfulness of the artwork on display here. (You DO have to be a mark to earn my respect for your taste, but that’s another matter.) Check out this side-by-side with father and son, Lon and Lon Jr. Man, if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, you just aren’t the kind of people I want to people around with.

Clay, who has created sketch cards for companies like Cryptozoic, Leaf, CultStuff, Breygent, and Unstoppable, was contacted by MSNCards after they saw the work he did for Unstoppable’s British Horror set and tapped to work on “The Chaney Legacy.” Being a huge mark for the “Man of a Thousand Faces” and Lon Jr., he jumped at the chance. Clay informed me that there will only be 1000 limited preview packs of the cards produced, with 2 sketches in every pack, from over 40 artists. There will be a complete base set in every pack, with random chase, autograph, printing plates and audio cards available. You’re gonna get yourselves some, right?

The Evil Cheezman • September 20, 2018

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