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Celebrating AMC’s THE TERROR

The only complaints about this series that I would give any credence to whatsoever were those alleging that it started a bit “slow.” If it did, it sure made up for it these last couple of episodes. Even knowing from having read the book upon which the series was based, as well as from the real-life history of the Franklin Expedition, that almost all the characters were going to die, it still hit me in the feels when my favorites all started checking out all at once. And now that the series itself has concluded—even though tonight’s episode was billed as the “season finale” rather than a series finale, I don’t see how they could continue the story, nor am I sure they should—I’m really going to miss it. (Not that I wouldn’t watch it if they did offer a second season, mind you.)

In closing, though, I have to say that I was disappointed with the ending. Maybe if I hadn’t read the book. I generally haven’t minded all the departures they’ve made with this series, all the deviations from the storyline of the novel, but they failed to stick the landing. The ending of the book—with Crozier joining Lady Silence as an acolyte of a sickened but still living Tuunbaq—is much superior.

The Evil Cheezman • May 25, 2018

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