Celebrate the Full Moon with a New Year’s Party!

We are very lucky indeed this New Year’s! Not only is there going to be a full moon, but it will be the second one that has occurred during the month of December 2009. This is a very rare occurrence, and if you’ve ever wondered where the phrase “Once in a blue moon” comes along, now you know. And of course, this full moon is something to be celebrated along with the ringing in of the New Year! So if you don’t already have plans for New Year’s, now is the time to start planning your werewolf party!

To kick off your party right, be sure to make the blue moon the focal point of your party. Try to have all curtains open, especially the room that the party will be in. If you can’t see the moon from where the party is, cut out a full moon from construction paper and tape it to the outside of the window. Place signs up by the entrance that say, “Please leave your silver at the door,” so that all of your guests will make it out safely, and make sure that the lights are dimmed – werewolves generally prefer the dark. Another great decoration that also works as entertainment is to put on some werewolf movies. This will not only keep your guests in the wolf frame of mind, but will also give guests something to do as they’re mingling about the party. If you don’t want to take away from the social scene of the party but still want to keep with the theme, try playing some werewolf music, such as these goodies that we’ve dug up for ya!

Whether you choose to have your guests come in costumes and masks is up to you but it does always add to the fun. And costumes could come in very handy if you decide to take part in werewolf games. See who has the best howl, or play a game where one guest is the werewolf and tries to hide while the other guests try to find them. You can also make a trivia game where your friends can try to beat each other with their werewolf knowledge!

And of course, there’s food and drink to be had! The good news is that werewolves will eat pretty much anything so the menu will pretty much be up to you! But to make it even more interesting, serve some ‘blood’ to drink by adding food coloring to any punch or drink. Plus, you can serve some yummy werewolf treats such as these werewolf cupcakes. Another easy food choice for a werewolf party is Werewolf Kibble. Lay out some nuts, candy, or other small food items and label it as “Werewolf Kibble.” The wolves at your party will be nibbling all night long, and feeling right at home doing so!

A blue moon doesn’t come around every day, or even every year! And the fact that we’re getting one to commemorate one of the biggest holidays of the year is surely something to celebrate! Do it in style this New Year’s Eve!


  1. Werewolf Cupcakes… I want to do some ._. But i don’t think i’m Brazil there’s all the ingredients D=

    BUT… COME ON! Nice WOLF Year to you all!

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