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Catching up with the PENNY DREADFUL Comic

I was kept away from my local comic shop for some few months—with “local” being a relative term—due to my not having the time to visit nor having the disposable income to procure my reading material of choice. (I’ve been too busy buying toys, since Toys R Us announced that it was going out of business.) This past week I made it in to the store and bought my books, among them the last three issues of the PENNY DREADFUL comic book. So how is the series progressing?

Despite the appearance of Dracula on the cover of the latest issue, he still hasn’t shown up in the book. Neither has the Monster. My other favorite character, Ethan, the Lupus Dei, the “Wolf of God,” has been, due to the series writer Chris King, acting stupid. I don’t like it. He sees the resurrected Vanessa, who isn’t Vanessa at all but Vanessa’s body possessed by Lucifer—and Ethan KNOWS this—yet he has sex with her anyway. Now she’s pregnant—or HE’S pregnant—and judging by the rapidity with which he/she is swelling up, the delivery will NOT be taking 9 months. The child is destined to rule the world and humanity is doomed. (Way to go, Ethan!) Yes, it could be argued that Ethan was ensorcelled at the time—I hope so—but I don’t like seeing him depicted as so weak.

In other developments, Catriona now has a girlfriend, the female Indian werewolf brought to England by Kaetenay. I’m happy for her, but neither the lady werewolf nor her brother, also a werewolf, do anything for me as characters.

I’m REALLY getting antsy to see the Monster and Dracula appear in this series. And get Ethan back into his right state of mind, Chris King!

The Evil Cheezman • July 13, 2018

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